8 Farnell Road, Woy Woy NSW 2256

STAGED Multi-dwelling housing - Stage 1: Building A and driveway, Stage 2: Building B

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 28 days earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 011.2021.00060666.001)


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  1. Janice McDougall commented

    Saddened to see this monstrosity has come up again. So many residents around the area have been dreading this coming up again spoiling so much of our lovely area Privacy noise and it was above height is to high for our small area. Disgusted we have to go all through it again.

  2. K. Johnston commented

    Grossly inappropriate and out of keeping for the area and surrounds. It too densely over populates the area. Exceeds far too many building restrictions. Will turn Farnell Rd and Burge Rd into rat runs. Will cause traffic chaos in already failing Blackwall Rd. There is insufficient parking provided, breaches the privacy of surrounding properties. The potential for flooding in underground garages is a danger to surrounding roads and properties. It will impede off street parking for nearby properties. It demonstrates how unsympathetic greedy developers have no regard for the Peninsular and its residents as a whole.They will simply walk away laughing that they have yet again hoodwinked another naive Council. This type of nightmare will turn very quickly into a eyesore in the area and devalue the nearby properties

  3. Margaret Atkins commented

    what will be the situation once the updating of Blackwall Road by RMS comes into action re drainage, noise, pollution, law etc. I have just been in touch with Council regarding drainage and was told they knew nothing of the new updating RMS will be doing so what is going on there, as it is proposed to put footpath along Farnell Road which will take soil and grass away so water will have no soakage when it rains. NO MORE EYESORES
    PLEASE. Neighbours checkout the RMS update.

  4. K R Johnston commented

    There were well over 100 submissions objecting to this insensitive and unsuitable project when the original application was presented. Yet he council of the time yielded to pressures applied by Developers, self interest groups, and lobbyist.
    That same council and its management have since been proven to be incompetent and not up to the task of representing the residents that they were elected to stand for.
    The developer has chosen to resubmit an updated plan as a delaying tactic which will severely increase inconvenience to the surrounding residents and users of Blackwall, Farnell and Allfield Roads. The present council should include those 100plus submissions in any future assessment of the worthiness of the project as a whole.
    Here is an excellent opportunity for the current council to truly represent their constituents by reversing the tragic error of judgement in approving the original application in the first place.
    I implore you on behalf of all of the residents who have been sorely treated to stop this project from proceeding and ask all those who previously made submissions to resubmit their comments again.

  5. K.Reilly commented

    Revised plan Farnell Rd Woy Woy. DA60666/2021
    I suppose I should be grateful for the reduction in size but it doesn’t go far enough.
    All 36 garbage bins will be placed on the curb in Farnell Rd each Monday, far too many. The noise will be deafening early in the morning. Each bin takes up a minimum of 1.6 metres space to meet the requirements as stipulated by council pick-up, this totals minimum 57.6 metres of space required. The total distance of street front of the proposed site in Farnell Rd is 60 metres. Pity the neighbourhood with the street littered with garbage bins.
    Only 18 garages, 11 carports and 2 visitors parking is nowhere near enough. A vast number of households have 2 to 3 vehicles these days, many of them will be very large SUV’s. I doubt that there will be enough space or turning area to accommodate the requirements of 18 town houses. Only 2 visitors’ parking spaces are totally unacceptable and beggars belief. We have 4 villas in our block and were required to provide 2 visitors parking spaces. There is no parking on Blackwall Rd so the short distance in Farnell Rd between Blackwall Rd and Burge Rd will bear the burden of the demands for on-street parking. It is already overloaded.
    Once again the developer and their representatives are pushing the restrictions to their limits, including amongst others, breaching setbacks. It is long overdue for council to protect the rights of the community as a whole and put an end to the habitual violation of regulations and lack of consideration for the residents and the lifestyle on the Peninsular.

  6. Janice McDougall commented

    Even though it has reduced in size a little this development will be causing so many problems with traffic in our streets we have to move over if traffic is coming towards us now. Neighbors who don’t have anywhere to park in their property now so they park in the street .... where do they park.? Now with traffic lights at the end of Farnell where it reaches Blackwall Rd can you imagine the confusion? Extra cars from the development it will mean such a mess. Please cut down the size again. Would you like to live in our street it will be such a mess.? Please consider the residents in our area who are having their lovely Quiet lifestyle ruined.

  7. Karen commented

    This development is inappropriate for the location. It is easy to see how bad the congestion is on Blackwall Rd. Just come down at school time or in the morning or evening peaks and you can sit in your car for ages. We don't need more dense housing here now. Please consider the existing local people when assessing this development. Thank you.

  8. Jo commented

    This development is out of proportion for the area. This is an inner city Sydney scale development. Please be realistic and be sensible and refuse this. Yes you can keep plonking crap developments anywhere you like, but the residents are fed up. The peninsula is overheated as is, roads locked up, not enough trees etc etc.

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