53 Beaumont Street Rose Bay NSW 2029

Demolition of 3 dwelling houses and construction of a 3 storey Seniors Housing development incorporating 11 self-contained units, basement car parking and landscaping PAN-57390

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 15 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-9/2021)


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  1. Mel commented

    This is absolutely infuriating. This street is too narrow for such a development. We already have far too much traffic speeding through this street. Cars are constantly being damaged, but Waverley Council claim to have no record of any accidents.

    There is hardly any parking for residents as the gym at the bottom of the street does not have their own parking facilities and use this street as their personal carpark. Most of these 'over 55's' have two cars, not just one car so where are they going to park their multiple cars?

    On a daily basis we witness Mexican standoffs between cars coming from either direction. It's ridiculous.

    The sheer weight of traffic is becoming a safety issue. How much more traffic do we have to endure before someone gets seriously injured? Waverley Council need to wake up. It's not all about collecting rates. How about Waverley Council doing something for the community instead of the greedy property developers who do not care about the area or the impact of their hideous developments.

  2. Barry White commented

    For a very narrow street, that I have witnessed 6 car incidents of damage within the past 3 months and numinous speeding issues and arguments between drivers trying to pass each other in the street. It doesn't seem a great idea to take 3 properties and turn them into 11 .. which regardless of underground parking will add to weight of traffic already using the street... Has anyone thought about guests visiting or residents of the property having two cars etc.. and needing spaces on the street.

    The road was not designed for increasing traffic especially given that its used as a thoroughfare for dover heights traffic and the fact that the council approved a gym on the corner, with no parking adding to further frustration for the residents looking to park outside or near their own homes.

    Please come and monitor a normal Monday morning when the schools are back with issue of backed up traffic, regular disputes between drivers of who will let who through or when people are trying to turn into Old South Head Road etc.. and then you may be able to see how the road was built to house only so many dwellings.. not increase this to potentially 22 additional residents and also additional cars for them beyond their single space in the garage, as well as their guests.

    So as a resident of the road of Beaumont Street, I will be objecting to this development

  3. Christina Maatouk commented

    This is absolutely ridiculous, surely this is a joke of an application by Pertama Development Pty Ltd!!!!???

    Not only is the tiny, narrow street of Beaumont Street severely lacking any parking options, and the gym down the road has made it even harder, but the street serves as the main thoroughfare to all adjoining streets leading up Dover Heights and down to Rose Bay shops.

    There is always congestion in the street, and cars are playing Mexican standoff as to who goes first, and who squeezes into tiny gaps if available. On multiple occasions our car has been sideswiped with no letter left to compensate for such. This is not to mention the extreme safety hazard at the entry up Beaumont Street - from the main road of Old South Head Road, where cars are left trying to turn into Beaumont Street and are still positioned on Old South Head road with heavy traffic, including buses beeping at them to move. How much more congestion do you want to add to an already congested and narrow street that is over populated as it currently stands.

    Additionally, the visual eyesore is a serious consideration - the purported development does not match the current streetscape or the density of homes in the street. We have also not been provided of an environmental impact statement of this proposed development. Nonetheless, the application is completely incongruent with the environmental and visual landscape of Beaumont Street, and Rose Bay. This is a suburban area, not a highly dense oversupply of apartments - go to Sydney CBD/ Barangaroo if you want that.

    You cannot be seriously considering increasing the already narrow and congested street, to serve the luxury purposes of the target market, so they have their harbour views, while the rest of the residents suffer with congestion, car accidents, visual eyesore, environmental depredation and tensions over parking.

    Get a grip Pertama Development, and the current owners of 53, 55 and 57 - stop being so shortsighted!!

  4. Lachlan from Rose Bay commented

    To all those writing in regarding traffic and parking, I suggest you get a Traffic Consultant to help you measure traffic flow and get some data on the actual situation. I live nearby (but in WMC) and, if the Development Application meets spec, there is little you can do except to get them to build sufficient parking for Residents AND Visitors (don't under-estimate how many of these there will be).

    The other thing that you will need to make sure is that the Developer has Parking Zones and you have an agreement in place as part of the Consent as to how they will minimise impact. I live next a site run by the Builder with the collapsed sites (A Current Affair in December) and unless they are breaking their Consent or think they will get fined, they do whatever they want. Otherwise the street will become impassable at times.

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