74 William Street Norwood SA 5067

Demolition of existing dwelling and shed

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  1. Grant White commented

    I believe this dwelling to be under a heritage listing and is one of the oldest buildings in Norwood. It should be retained.
    The current owner purchased the dwelling knowing that it could not be demolished.

  2. Rosemary Taylor commented

    I am opposed to any heritage listed property being demolished.

  3. Meredith commented

    If this property is under a heritage listing, then it should not be demolished. We need to protect our heritage listed buildings and dwellings.

  4. Peter Chalk commented

    If this building is in fact under heritage protection, it should not be demolished.
    This is especially so if the purchaser bought it under protection or pending protection.

  5. Jo O’Leary commented

    This property was clearly bought under the knowledge that it was heritage listed. Therefore it must not to be demolished but restored.

  6. LYNETTE ARDEN commented

    If the building is heritage listed it needs to be restored, not demolished.

  7. Chanel commented

    There are 2 buildings on this site. 1 is heratige listed and the other is not. I believe the application for demolition is for the non heritage listed building.

  8. Christine Francis commented

    Our fast disappearing heritage needs protection. The brick cottage fronting Elizabeth St is one of the oldest houses in Norwood and therefore a precious link to our past. Any proposed alterations to this building need to be carefully scrutinised and sympathetic.

  9. Alison Wood commented

    It’s a huge shame 74 (which is looks to be pretty solid and in good condition) has to go but No 34 Elizabeth Street (on the same block as 74) should be saved at all cost as it must be one of the oldest houses in Norwood.

  10. Rosemary Taylor commented

    I am opposed to any heritage listed property being demolished.

  11. Ian Jolley commented

    Protect our heritage.

  12. Sue Weston commented

    We are losing too many of our older houses with history. Already our suburbs are becoming swamped with unattractive and unimaginative block-like constructions that mar the streetscape. Adelaide is becoming less and less a lovely city.

  13. Lynette M Arden commented

    Many councils listed such houses as contributory items, which meant they added value to the street landscape. In the case of this local council no houses n Norwood were listed as contributory items. So there is no level of protection for these houses, although it is one of the most historic areas in the State.
    What a shame! Only houses listed at of state or local heritage value are listed, which means that most houses in Norwood miss out on protection.

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