404 Princes Highway, Corrimal NSW 2518

Residential - demolition of existing structures, tree removals and construction of a residential flat building comprising 15 units with associated basement carparking, landscaping and services infrastructure

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 18 days ago. It was received by them about 1 month earlier.

(Source: Wollongong City Council, reference DA-2020/1342)


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  1. Liz Mendygral commented

    In regard to this application I wish to lodge an objection on the grounds of continued over development in the Corrimal area in particular, and the northern suburbs in General.

    The cummulative effect of all these developments means gridlock in the streets and in particular the highway and Memorial Drive. Parking is already impossible in the streets around the corrimal shopping centre and more thought needs to be put into how the council is going to manage the traffic problems that are growing day by day!!!!!

  2. Liam Hayes commented

    Contrary to the shortsighted above, development is a necessity for this suburb in order to elevate it to the modern standards of Wollongong CBD and the northern suburb.

    Growth is always a positive for property value and progressive infrastructure.

  3. Liz Mendygral commented

    Development is necessary for a continually evolving suburb however the cummulative affect of all the development taking place in the suburb should be taken into account when approvals are granted. Corrimal is not a suburb of Sydney but has and will continue to have the problems eg traffic congestion that exist in Sydney unless considered development approvals are granted and not just growth in a haphazad and greedy fashion.

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