111 Twists Road, Burpengary East QLD 4505

Reconfiguring a Lot - Development Permit for Subdivision (1 into 27 lots and drainage reserve)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 27 days ago. It was received by them 12 days earlier.

(Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council, reference 2020/42561/V3RM)


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  1. Linda Robinson commented

    Please retain the trees that are already growing on this block.

  2. kathy wheatley commented

    Please stop developing this area. MBRC are ruining it. with the already destruction in Twists Rd and now Caulfield Rd has been approved for development and the fight for Hunt Rd and now this. there are alot of kangaroos in that area, where are they going to go. on the road to be killed. why have the developers got their sites on this area. we bought in here for space, trees and now you are taking it all away from us. MBRC has to stop approving land being destroyed regardless whether we have to accommodate 10,000 people moving up here, we are going to run out of land eventually than what. the existing residents have to be heard first before interstate people who want to move up here. there are alot of homes for sale that are already built. MBRC will go down as the council who destroyed this area and the wildlife. Our road cannot cope with the growth just look at the Bruce Highway over Xmas. we have to put up with 2 lanes. just heard on the radio now 18km of traffic on the Bruce Hwy heading north. MBRC has a website where we can name a place they can buy back and turn back into green space well I am nominating this land to be turned into a park and wildlife reserve. as when you look around this area , we have nothing nice like example the lake in Cabooluture we need more of that. this are is getting ugly. Creek Road will be a nightmare and cars parked everywhere just like on the corner. Leave this area alone no more developments. Halycon has got the approval to destroy Caulfield Drive which is very disappointing that this was allowed. listen to your residents not greedy developers.

  3. Lyn Moon commented

    I have to totally agree with Kathy Wheatley - everything she says is absolutely true.
    The increase in traffic on the Eastern Service Road and from Bay Road down over the bridge to Burpengary is incredible. Creek Road is simply becoming a parting lot. Please listen to the residents in this area. There is absolutely no need for more development. The loss of so many trees and native habitat is shameful, just shameful. A person would have to wonder who at Council is benefiting by approving further development or do you simply not care and live out of the area with loads of green space and clean air to breathe. Give the residents in this area some consideration. Please no more, we have lost so much in the past 5 years.

  4. Kym Neate commented

    No more high density housing for Burpengary East, your development approvals are destroying our area, you are creating another over populated housing ‘rabbit warren’. Destruction of habitat, no increased road infrastructure, no green spaces, no water conservation measures, it is sickening to watch our once leafy green suburb being demolished into a concrete jungle.
    The Developers move in destroy the area, grab their cash and move on to the next money maker.
    Represent your residents MBRC not the greed of Developers.
    I am a long term resident of Burpengary East, over 35 years. Please preserve what we have left of our home.
    I would be interested to know how the following has been addressed with this latest approval:
    Increased traffic flow;
    Increased Water consumption;
    The lack of parking facilities, hence people parking road side, Creek Road and Eastern Service Road, looks like a slum.
    Green spaces, wildlife corridors, and not just painting a green sign on the bitumen.
    Wildlife habitat, water ways.
    Please Councillors protect our suburb from being over developed.

  5. Cassandra Switzer commented

    You have already destroyed my way of life by approving Caulfield drive you didn't listen to us. Now out of over 1000 trees you are going to leave just 3. Shame on you! Stop the high density living and put in descent sized blocks. Instead of small shrubs the area needs tall trees for the wildlife so stop cutting them down and thinking by planting news ones it all ok. It will be another 30 years before they will be any good for the wildlife.

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