14 Woodhouse Road Doncaster East VIC 3109

Variation of covenant (E129928) by removing requirement listed b-d, including a limit on the number of dwellings that can be constructed on the site (presently 2 in 1 building) and removing restrictions relating to building materials

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Manningham City Council, reference PLN20/0570)


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  1. Trish Drivas commented

    Woodhouse Road is a residential Street and not a main road or shopping strip.
    I do not support the removal of the existing covenant limiting the number of dwellings on a standard size block. I also object to the way the council has notified the homeowners affected by the proposed three level block of flats.
    A sign was put up on the property on 23/12 and council was closed for the Christmas break on the 24/ 12 with a decision to be made on 13 January when people are likely to be away on holidays is not acceptable.
    If a permit is granted, in effect this council will be setting a precedent in our area for regular blocks of land to turn into blocks of flats.
    Also what does removing restrictions relating to building materials mean exactly?
    Dual occupancy is fine but three story flats is not!

  2. Faye Simpson commented

    I too would strongly support Woodhouse Rd remaining residential with a covenant. I do not support any form of high rise flat/unit development as it will be the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ and high density urban developments. As with the previous comment, dual occupancy would be a reasonable compromise.
    We need to try and retain as many trees and ‘green housing developments’ as possible since Doncaster and Doncaster East already have a great number of mass unit developments and we are losing our green cover at a rapid rate.
    Furthermore we do not yet have a transport system to support this and/or soon to be applied for multi-unit developments.

  3. Chie Seward commented

    I echo the rationale supplied by the earlier respondents.
    There is no valid planning reason to remove the covenant.
    This location is well away from the main roads (ie Blackburn and Doncaster Roads) where higher density buildings are permitted.
    This location is suitable for two 2 story townhouses at the very most. This would be consistent with other new houses in the immediate area.
    The intention to create high density housing can only adversely impact overlooking concerns, and increase vehicle parking and congestion on Woodhouse Road and Rosemond Street.
    I do not understand what is being requested in removing restrictions to building materials.
    Manningham council must be careful in approving this application as it sets a precedent for other applications that will ruin the low/medium density character of this immediate area.

  4. Justin Wong commented

    I too agreed with other respondents. I object the construction of the three story flat stipulated as per the application plan. I'm disgusted by the council's decision to place the window of objection during Christmas holiday season where people are potentially not at home and unaware of the application. Ultimately the variation exception of 14 Woodhouse RD under covenant (E129928) will introduce further complications when new potential applications arise. I once again strongly voice my objection for this application plan: PLN20/0570 involving variation of covenant (E1299928) and strongly advise the council reconsider their approval of this application.

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