7 Corrie Pde, Corlette 2315 NSW

Secondary dwelling

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Port Stephens Council, reference 016-2020-00000766-001)


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  1. Patricia Janes commented

    I can’t believe that there has been another application to build anything on this property. How many times does the council have to turn down their applications before they get the message. Nothing should be built there. I will once again object to the application and so will everyone in this neighbourhood.

  2. Neville & Margaret Stanfield commented

    This is the third application to erect a second dwelling on 7 Corrie Parade and the previous application was only 4 months ago which was declined/withdrawn. Is there a limit on number of times DAs on same property can be lodged with Council. Again I will be submitting a strong objection along with other neighbours.

  3. Ruby Andus commented

    The current house and front usage area occupy a significant part of the 550m2 property, almost 2/3. A standard lot requires 200m2 minimum, which if rezoned separate title leaves nothing for the new dwelling in way of garden and amenities. This if approved would set a dangerous precedent (across the council area) and significantly degrade the built environment. If council has vision and wishes to rebuild its depleted finances, it should maintain the values of existing properties and its rate base, and attractiveness for viable developments bringing in much needed revenue to PSC. Just because an own er "wants" something does not make it a good decision for PSC as a whole. A better proposal would be to rebuild the entire property surely and maximise it's future selling potential. To think building a secondary dwelling will secure increased resale value is highly misguided. Don't create another fiasco - like approving a 'shed' which ended up having a larger footprint than the existing dwelling.

  4. Sharon commented

    The granny flat was turned down twice before. Owners on Corrie Lane and Corrie parade will petition AGAINST its approval for the third time.

    Also, we will notify recent purchasers / new owners of #5 - expect council will as well.


    Neighbour on Corrie Pde.

  5. Peter and Julia Buckley commented

    The previous 2 applications for a dwelling on this site were rejected by Council and I am confident that this application will also be rejected. Nothing has changed, Corrie Lane is designated “no standing” so emergency vehicles including waste removal trucks can gain access to this narrow Lane. This would preclude builders and any potential tenants of the proposed site from parking in the Lane. The site would need to have adequate off street parking to cater for the tenants as access from Corrie Parade is not an option. The previous applications to my knowledge did not include garages or parking alternatives in the plans but relied on Corrie Parade as the fall back position. Frankly the site is too small for any meaningful development and the last thing we want is another ill considered B&B in the area.

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