28 Somerset Street, Kingswood NSW 2747

Demolition of Existing Structures and Construction of a Seven (7) Storey Accommodation Hotel including 140 Hotel Rooms, Rooftop Bar and Restaurant, Two (2) Levels of Basement Car Parking and Associated Site Works

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 10 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Penrith City Council, reference DA20/0767)


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  1. Donna coombes commented

    Hope the council will be stopping this development,. Can’t move around hospital streets because of increasing traffic. Roads can’t handle traffic now without bringing more cars in the area.
    Seriously ENOUGH high rise and boarding houses already in this area. Time for council to start looking after the residents of Kingswood.

  2. Wendy Spinks commented

    28 Somerset Street, Kingswood, 140 Room Hotel including Related Rooftop Bar & Restaurant & Basement Car Parking. There will only be 46 onsite parking spaces, for a 140-room hotel and a Rooftop Bar and Restaurant. Where will all the additional cars park? It is time that the Council and the NSW government review the parking requirements of all new construction. What street in Penrith can you find any on street parking?

  3. Lyndy Rastall commented

    What an absolute disgrace how typical of Penrith Council no thought for community or visitors to the Hotel .Great question for Penrith Council to answer,, where will all the cars park ?? That is a massively busy area already without a 140 room Hotel .
    Where will all the Hotel staff park ? .Council are first class at clustering the Kingswood area without thought or answering to major questions. as PARKING.
    Planning Dept you need to take more effort to physical go & look at these areas before accepting these crazy DA’s . Somerset St is basically already totally parked out 24 hrs a day due to our hospital .

  4. Lucas Fitzpatrick commented

    Stapley St is a skinny road generally full of parked cars Mon to Fri due to the hospital, which essentially turns it into a one lane road with two-way traffic expected to flow through it. When the schools exit, the vehicular traffic increases and becomes absolutely chaotic with cars trying to dodge each other to get by. I am fearful that an accident will occur and some person or child will be injured. Increasing the number of cars looking for a park will not fix this problem. Furthermore, introducing drivers that are not familiar with these issues dramatically increases the likelihood that an accident will occur in my opinion.

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