51-53 Wells Street Redfern NSW 2016

PAN-40675Alterations and addition to existing dwelling to the front and construction of a new boarding house to the rear.

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(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2020/1077)


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  1. Maggie McKelvey commented

    Wells Street is narrow and densely developed. The surrounding streets are well served with boarding houses including two in Cleveland / James Street between George and Pitt Street and two in Pitt Street between James and Wells Streets. By their very nature these boarding houses are not well maintained and there are continuing issues with rubbish and noise as well as a transient population.
    There is no onsite manager apart from a tenant who will take on this role.
    The issue of the provision of accommodation for boarding house residents would be improved by more permanent housing for low income tenants.

  2. Lisa Anthony commented

    Wells Street is developed and densely populated and the population requiring boarding houses is served by a significant number of them in the area already. This is about population balance. Continuing community cohesion and interest. As another comment notes, this is a transient population and the existing examples of this type of dwelling demonstrate that the management is very lite on when it comes to ensuring adhesion to things like rubbish, noise and general comminity care. Redfern is inclusive of all, and do it should be, but there does need to be a balance to maintain equal stress in ammenities and ensure the success of this wonderful area.

  3. Carolyn MURRAY commented

    No more boarding hoses please. The increase in these properties + plethora of student housing (Cleveland, everleigh, and recent state) is too much for Redfern. In The boarding house next to us the rooms now get up to an over $400 per week + electricity bills the legislation is under 25m2 for these rooms they are tiny. These tenants have received no relief from the reductions in rents seen in the area but owners/landlords have kept rents high. Be warned- The one next to us never gets in trouble off council for anything we report, they don’t have an on-site manager either which they are meant to w their DA- they don’t have recycling and have now put a massive security camera out front of our houses without permission- they have removed privacy screens & council has done nothing. I walked past this property for this DA - it has not been looked after at all...

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