211 Clovelly Road Randwick NSW 2031

Change of use from restaurant to a small bar (food and drink premises) with outdoor dining, with hours of operation being 7am-10pm Mon-Fri & 8am-10pm Sat-Sun, internal fit out and associated works.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 30 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Randwick City Council, reference DA/569/2020)


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  1. William commented

    On behalf of the Clovelly neighbourhood, this is a great initiative from Two Ones cafe bar! They are already licensed and set up attracting mature and family orientated locals in the community, myself and the locals support this application!

  2. Tim Gunn commented

    As a nearby resident to this business I would object to any increase in it's opening hours or license classification. The experience since it converted to a bar is an increase in noise given it is open to the street. Noise of inebriated patrons and background music can be heard blocks away. Keep it indoors and noise-proofed might help.

    And as for the previous comment, I don't know who William and the "locals" he claims to represent are. Presumably community members who live far enough away to not be effected in their homes.

  3. T C commented

    I object to extended hours. While it is already essentially functioning solely as an Irish bar already, the extended opening hours will cause more noise on Clovelly Rd and surrounding streets. The customers often stand around smoking and drinking outside. It's is not a family oriented place as the customers are all adults who are are drinking alcohol all night.

  4. Marianne Kander commented

    I do agree that the place attract mature and family oriented people, I like the atmosphere and the vibe it creates. Though, I agree as well that with extended hours, the noise will increase and perhaps the atmosphere will no longer be necessarily family oriented.
    I would object as well.

  5. Michelle Brooker commented

    I object to this application, as already our evening peace and quiet is being disturbed. I can hear the noise of loud drinkers from my bedroom in Bishops Ave. Rowdy revellers leaving to their cars in our street at night, and urinating in our driveway are a problem for us. It already acts as an Irish pub, and, as a woman, I find it uncomfortable to pass by the smokers and drinkers out on the street. It certainly is not family friendly.

  6. Art O’Brien commented

    An Irish pub masquerading as a “family friendly” cafe? I’m surprised this place hasn’t actually been shut down yet, let alone getting a licence extension. Council, time to have a good hard look at whatever is going on in this bizarre and inappropriate venue.

  7. Sofoclis Michael commented

    I strongly object to any extension of opening hours for this venue. It is an inappropriate venue for the quiet, family friendly Clovelly. It seems to attract loud and boisterous patrons, who do not respect the neighbouring residents. Many of the locals have also commented to me, that it is a disruptive element in the street, which should have its hours reduced, not extended.
    We do not want the Coogee vibe destroying the tranquility of beautiful Clovelly. There are plenty of opportunities for patrons to enjoy themselves in Coogee.
    Allowing this venue to extend its hours will cause even more disruption and many more disgruntled neighbours. Please, let's not destroy Clovelly by encouraging even more inebriated revellers to come here.

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