35 Sherwood Avenue Rosebud VIC 3939

Construction of 5 new dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, reference P20/1937)


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  1. R. Campbell. commented

    I was under the impression high density housing was not a popular option for this quiet location.
    The environmental effects on Murray Anderson Creek, next to the suggested structures, would have a huge affect on wildlife habitat and movement.
    Privacy, parking and peacefulness for surrounding homes will also be an issue.

  2. K. Paxton commented

    High density development does not seem at all appropriate for this quiet residential, family-friendly street. I am very concerned by the precedent this will set for the area, along with the environmental and social impacts. The property boundary is in the riparian zone of Murray Anderson Creek and this development will surely have adverse effects on the hydrology, drainage and environment. Being close to the national parks, this creek acts as a wildlife corridor. The reserve opposite, creek adjacent and footpath behind No.35 are prone to regular flooding. The current single dwelling is located on the eastern side of the property, away from the creek. How will Council ensure that the already fragile waterway is not under further pressure and the surrounding properties are not affected by changes in hydrology?
    Sherwood Avenue is a quiet street with many young children. I am further concerned about the increased traffic and parking pressures on nearby green space.

  3. Melanie Disanayaka commented

    We purchased here 12 months ago due to the fact that this street is very quiet, family friendly all with small children who like to play out the front with each other. The amount of wildlife we have along the creek is amazing my children love searching the creek for diffent animals, unfortunately only when weather is permitted due to we can't access it when it's been raining as it floods.
    We wanted our children to grow up with all these amazing perks of the street.
    Having so many new dwelling and traffic flow in the street will not allow our children to grow up being children and wanting to play with their friends.

  4. Sophie commented

    I agree with everyone above. I too bought in the area for the peaceful streets, tree filled large gardens with native wildlife, and modest surrounding houses. I hate what is happening!

    There is an extremely concerning amount of developments and subdivisions being done in the Rosebud South area, which are not in keeping with the existing neighbourhood character. Huge old gum trees are being chopped down, vegetation removed, wildlife habitats destroyed, and as many houses as possible crammed onto each block. It is turning into a concrete jungle, without any of the benefits of living in the inner city, all due to greed of developers who buy blocks only to carve them up and on-sell.

  5. Mrs Elizabeth Beel commented

    Having lived in this area for a long time I am totally opposed to this type of development especially on that block at 35 Sherwood Ave
    It was a block that was very difficult to build on many years ago because of the close proximity to the creek This can be seen by where original house is located. The affect this will have on the ecology, nature. Noise, traffic ect on this area is not what families have moved to this area want . There is no precedent for this type of development in this area so Please do not let this go ahead and spoil a wonderful natural quiet area

  6. Scott Cerato commented

    We own the property on opposite side of the road above the creek , I dont know how they would even get planning seeing that block is a flood zone . The bottom of our block which is higher was deemed a flood zone and our granny flat had to be build 6ft above the ground . As stated above this is a quite residential street , having a block of 5 units on that house would be devastating for the neighbourhood. I am opposed to this type of development happening in our little street which wouldnt handle the traffic and noise from 5 new homes .

  7. Jeannie Cerato commented

    I own the house across the rd and definitely do not agree with this .

  8. JULIE Marie Hedger commented

    Julie Hedger
    31 Sherwood ave
    I with the majority don’t want this panning application to go ahead.
    Regards Julie Hedger.

  9. Evans commented

    Should this comment reach Council planners, I ask that you please ensure that the west side of Number 35 Sherwood Ave is actually safe to build on.
    I believe the original owner built up this side of the block from the creek with debris from building sites and a glass factory as it was so prone to flooding (pers. comms former owner). Evidence of this can be seen all along the creek (broken glass, old bricks etc coming from under the fence).

    I live on an adjoining property and am extremely concerned about the affect that clearing and paving the block will have on the water runoff onto my property, and those of my neighbours. My property is already very wet for much of the year and drainage in the area is difficult at the best of times.

    Murray Anderson Creek joins another creek tributary upstream (opposite) of No. 35, so a substantial amount of water runs through the narrow part adjacent to the proposed development. It is not an insignificant drainage line, but a creek with high values and large water flows.
    The developer has already removed vegetation on the site, including a large remnant gum on the creek boundary.

  10. Monica Giacomin commented

    This is a quite family!Area which people bought for that very reason not appropriate at all
    It olive in the area

  11. Little commented

    Double story dwellings should not be approved. For the privacy of adjoining properties and the overall aesthetic of the area.

  12. Cott Family commented

    I concur with the existing objections to this proposed development.

    My family have lived in Sherwood Avenue for many years and over that time we have been most fortunate to observe many wonderful native species of wildlife in the local area. Glorious flocks of yellow tailed black cockatoos, a breeding pair of tawny frogmouth owls, southern boobook owl, straw-necked and Australian ibis, galahs, lorikeets, rosella, kookaburras, honeyeaters, wattle birds, superb fairy wrens, scrub-wrens and wood ducks. Given the proximity to plenty of water and wetlands, frog species such as eastern banjo frogs, brown tree frogs and common froglets abound.

    Given the proximity to a waterway on Bunurong country, has a Cultural Heritage Assessment been done?

    Melbourne Water have previously invested substantial time and funds in conservation works along Murray Anderson Creek. Have they been notified of this proposed development?

    On page 29 of the Mornington Peninsula Shire Flood Emergency Plan, Sherwood Avenue, Forshaw Court and Bayview Avenue are noted by Council as prone to flooding.

    I respectfully request Council consider the environmental concerns of over development as well as climate change which is predicted to lead to more extreme weather behaviour.

  13. Trevor Heylbut commented

    Heylbut Family
    Our property is directly behind this property up for development, We understand that the application is for 5 dwellings which consist of Two storey and Single storey units.
    At the rear boundry fence there are 5 metre tall bushy trees, which where planted there many years ago to add privacy to that property, if these trees are removed for the development of 2 storey units, [which would be erected at the back of this property] then we would have No privacy to our property. This is a quiet area we Don't need this type of development in this area and we agree with all the above Objective Comments by fellow residences.

  14. Trudy Little commented

    What is the date that neighbouring properties are notified? What are the plans actually being viewed by council and what is the cut off date for objections? I realize there are many standard regulations to follow but seeing the plans will assist greatly.

  15. C. Rutherford commented

    C. Rutherford - resident Sherwood Ave.
    Will be following this application closely. My understanding from due diligence before I purchased in this pocket of Sherwood Avenue was there are numurous overlays that would make the proposed development of 5 dwellings impossible in this location.

    - Environmental Significance Overlay ESP specifically ES017 streamlines with regards to Murray Anderson Creek. The proposal could not meet the 6 Environmental objectives to be achieved under this overlay.
    - Vegetation Protection Overlay VPO.
    - Bushfire Prone Overlay.
    - Designated Flood Prone area.
    - Area of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Sensitivity - Aboriginal Hertiage Regulations 2018 , 3 or more lots considered high impact activity requiring cultural heritage plan - Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.
    - DD01 There would be loss of light & overshadowing on neighbouring properties, loss of privacy to neighbours, loss of public visual amenity, lack of car parking, increased risks to road safety & road convenience, increased traffic generation, noise generation causing significant loss of amenity, loss of vegetation.

    Also of major concern is drainage in this area and the impact of the development on the storm water drainage system from 5 extra rooflines & the extra runoff from hard surfaces of driveways, carparks at the proposed development. This could potentially inadvertantly cause flooding to others properties along Murray Anderson Creek.The address sits directly opposite Sherwood Ave Drainage Reserve which already floods.

    Thank you for reading.

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