43 Melbourne Avenue, Forrest, ACT

PROPOSAL FOR DWELLING ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS - Demolition of existing garage and construction of new garage, covered walkway, landscaping and associated works.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 2 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: ACT Planning & Land Authority, reference 202037672)


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  1. Ernst Willheim commented

    The application doesn't tick the heritage box
    There is no public notice
    the application should be resubmitted in accordance with standard requirements

  2. Tui davidson commented

    Ord Street is a functional street, it is not a service lane as a summary document indicates. This is an important issue.
    I cannot find appropriate detail for this DA on the act Gov DA finder website.
    I would like to review the plans and comment but cannot find them.
    Surely this is a process issue that must be addressed prior to any decision being made.

  3. Moira Smythe, Secretary (Communications) Forrest Residents Group commented

    This application relates to an important heritage-nominated house for which two previous DAs were disallowed within the last year based on heritage and zoning.
    It needs referral to the Heritage Council.
    The documentation is inadequate; where are the plans?
    I make this comment as Secretary (Communications) of the Forrest Residents Group, an affiliate of the Inner South Canberra Community Council.

  4. Ernst Willheim commented

    There are still no plans
    The application doesn't comply
    previous applications for this property have been misleading and have properly been rejected. There is every reason to treat applications for this property with extreme caution
    This application should be withdrawn and resubmitted with full compliance

  5. Dr Ann Kent commented

    Dr Ann Kent, Member, Forrest Residents Group

    I would also like to review the plans for this application, but cannot find them. Like another commentator, I was also surprised to see Ord Street described as a service street. It may not be a broad street, but it is lined with some very large and expensive houses. I agree too that, given the important heritage of this house, and the earlier welcome rulings on it by the Heritage Council, any plan to modify it should be referred back to the Council. Meanwhile, I look forward to the submission of the plans.

  6. Christine Casey Shaw commented

    I’m concerned I’m not finding this on an ACTPLA site and had no idea homeowners could bypass the normal process of displaying plans - and misrepresent a Street as a “service lane”. Where are the plans? Do the “associate works” have plumbing which could infer habitable status as a way of getting around prior unapproved applications?
    Christine Casey Shaw
    Member of Forrest Residents Assoc

  7. Moira Smythe commented

    ACTPLA has today confirmed that plans were included in the DA documents and I thank them for providing me with a link to find them.

    However, there remain concerns about the non-compliance with setback rules and the attempt to characterise Ord St as a service lane.

    Most importantly, Forrest Residents Group emphasises the need to refer the application to the heritage authorities in view of the heritage value of the house and its site.

  8. Ernst Willheim commented

    it has been difficult to access this application
    zip has not been not working
    plans were initially unavailable
    it has been necessary to repeatedly check the site and refine comments as details become accessible
    There is no public notification on Melbourne Ave
    There appear to be fundamental problems in the application itself, many boxes are not ticked
    Ord st is seriously misdescribed, it is not a service road but a normal road with several very grand expensive residences, one wonders whether description as a service road may be a deliberate representation designed to influence the outcome
    The proposed set back appears to be contrary to the rules. The DA must be refused on this ground alone.
    Possible previous breaches are no justification for a new breach, rather the proposed new development must comply with to-day’s rules
    Ernst Willheim
    77 Empire Circuit
    Forrest ACT (a near neighbour and long term Melbourne Ave resident)

  9. Tui davidson commented

    I have two comments -
    Ord st is not a service lane and to describe it as one is to deliberately misguide the decision makers. This application should only be considered on the grounds of it being a normal street in a salubrious suburb.
    The garage setback should comply with the normal requirements.

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