143 - 149 Esplanade, Redland Bay QLD 4165

Units x 30

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Redland City Council, reference PD241196)


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  1. LUCY ATKINS commented

    Such a shame that RCC has allowed another ugly block of units in this area. Already there is rubbish thrown down the Esplanade bushland from the small block building adjacent, where will the wildlife have left to go?

  2. Jarrod commented

    I agree Lucy, the once beautiful rainforest like area below is being decimated by rubbish, falling trees, the council hardly ever clean up the area.

  3. Sue Mears commented

    This building has already started!

  4. Sandra Jehan commented

    I agree. It is very sad.

  5. Sandra Jehan commented

    And another thing, that area is a flood risk. Massive. Look at the flood maps. 2011. Very bad. Whole area was flooded. And we are back in la Nina so it will be bad again. Once those extra 30 units are built, that is so many more people affected. Reckon they could sue the council for damag s. Very irresponsible to let those 30 units be built on a floodplain. And with GLobal warming and sea level rise. They may not be able to get insurance too because councils own flood maps show it is in the red zone. Extreme danger for storm surge. And if the drainage is compromised, which it will be because it has a cliff immediately behind it. Huge storm water run off. That is why it is a wetlands a few hundred metres on. Council have a huge compo bill ahead of them if they let this development go ahead.

  6. Sandra Jehan commented

    AND another thing- SUBSIDENCE. The nature of the soil, being largely sandy and previously, mangroves, the base may not cope with the tons of concrete needed for 30 apartments spread out over only 2 blocks. A recipe for disaster especially if the cliff behind is prone to landslip. Geology report should be published.

  7. Sandra Jehan commented

    And they will insist on those trees behind the site, up the hill, (one of which is the MOST magnificent gum tree), that shade the pub' s children's playground area, they will insist on tearing them all down to make it look ' nice and clean'. Nevermind the wildlife that will be displaced.

  8. Sandra Jehan commented

    One other thing too. The pub. How will patrons feel being able to eyeball the residents in those units. And how would locals feel about them and their children being spied on from those units at the back. So no privacy for local patrons and their children. God forbid a pedophile bought a unit at playground level. Jeez. Frightening!!! And if the patrons wanted privacy they would have to fence and that would take away the view which is a huge draw card. And thinking about it I can see the new residents complaining about noise so the pub won't be able to play live bands. So no view and no privacy... It will change the character of Redland Bay to being just a bedroom suburb rather than a vibrant community. I think it is just the wrong fit for that land.

  9. Sandra Jehan commented

    And, the man who owns the land who is developing it for units, doesn't even live in Queensland. He is over in Perth WA. So he has no interest OTHER THAN MAXIMIZING HIS PROFIT at the expense of the buyers who will incur damages, the council, rate payers and the community.

  10. Stacey Lewis commented

    It would appear that Sandra Jehan's comments relate to the proposed development below the Redland Bay pub, not the Bay House development that has commenced construction at 143-149 Esplanade.

  11. Sandra Jehan commented

    I think you are right Stacey. My mistake.

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