590-596 Glen Huntly Road Elsternwick VIC 3185

Existing permit allows: construction of a five storey mixed use development comprising 20 dwellings and 3 shops and a reduction in car parking requirements Proposed amendments: Amended plans to reflect architectural design revision to development.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Glen Eira, reference GE/PP-32624/2019/A)


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  1. Lars T. Holden commented

    When will this end? Surely not ALL of council employees/councillors lack common-sense! The ubiquitous application for ''REDUCTION IN CAR PARKING RFEQUIREMENTS" on behalf of virtually all developers is more than an insult directed towards every thinking constituent of this borough. Is it not clear enough that 'everyone' (a metaphor) in this country has a motor car, indeed loves his/her motor car, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future? Where has all the commonsense gone? ......Reminds me of a song.

  2. Evgeniya Uchitel commented

    What is wrong with the existing building in the old heritage part of the city that someone gave permission to demolish it and put there 5 story high rise in this overlay between 2 story buildings? No light, no oxygen, overdevelopment congested narrow street with already 40km per hour area. The Planning departments should be planning taking into account architectural aspects of the existing city and just issuing permission to anything which is destroying Melbourne every day. The heritage of the city should be preserved and development of the new lands released by government must be taking place instead.

  3. Anne commented

    The street scape of Glenhuntly Rd Elsternwick is slowly becoming a total disgrace, and rapidly devaluing immediate surrounding residential homes.
    I bring to attention:
    1. 5 storeys!???? Why?? Do we not see the slummy condition of streetscape that overdevelopment brings? Do we not notice that 2/3 of these "apartments" built around our area sit untenanted? Do we not realise that there are buildings alongside this site that are only 2 storeys high? Do we not see the strain that excessive development bring to existing infrastructure in an old area?? (water, sewerage, stormwater etc....) Why aren't the developers investing their money in upgrading all the services they are placing a strain on?
    2. The request of "reduction in parking" is a non-negotiable.... These regulations have been developed to protect our environment and residents in the area. And even these current standards are obsolete in that they do not cater for the increasing number of cars each household has. Each apartment needs to have at least 2 accessible spaces allocated to it.. ABS figures show how the increase of cars per household has dramatically increased... So why are we allowing developers the privilege of not providing enough car parks?
    3. Already, our street is faced with a parking problem. Numerous times we have cars blocking driveways and parking on corners. We do not need the overspill of an additional 20 cars parking "permanently" on our street. If you cannot provide the parking.. simple solution.. reduce the size of your development.
    4. More shops??? I question what form these "shops" will take?
    Retail, coffee or the ridiculous trend of trendy bars that are negatively impacting the neighbourhood's well being with their inconsiderate noise and behaviour. I certainly hope that Council is NOT going to allow more Bar/ Entertainment, with liquor licenses extending to all hours of the morning!
    5. Developments in Melbourne's established suburbs have changed the face of what makes our city unique.
    I'd like to congratulate the Councillors who will eventually end developer's greedy, self-centred behaviour. Can Glen Eira be the first council to please make a stance, set some real regulations that take Heritage and Home owners into account?
    Can Glen Eira Council be the example that will lead to better change for Melbourne's established suburbs?
    Can Glen Eira Council be the council that puts the HOME OWNER's needs above the Developer's?
    Yes.. we the HOME OWNERS, who are paying some of the most highest rates in the entire state. It's not the apartment dweller, or the shop owner, or permit fees paid by developers.. It's the Home Owner's rate- paying that keep the infrastructure of this City going.
    It's about time Council heard our voice!
    Keep developments small and sympathetic to our Heritage.

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