15-19 Enterprise Ave, Padstow

Alterations and additions to the existing community facility and construction of a mixed-use development including a place of public worship with ancillary facilities, food and drink premises, and basement car parking This application, for this type of development having a Capital Investment Value greater than $5m, will be determined by the Sydney South Planning Panel on behalf of Council

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them about 1 month earlier.

(Source: Canterbury-Bankstown Council, reference DA-893/2020)


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  1. Dot Thompson commented

    The use of this building as a mosque will cause excessive traffic jams which in and out if Enterprise Ave. This in turn will cause traffic banks up to the traffic lights in Watson Road . This could be particularly dangerous when local children are entering or leaving the school. There is little parking at present.

    The nature of the business will also change the character of the current multicultural mix of people living in the area to change as it will encourage one nationality not to live close to this business.

  2. Heather & Peter Huch commented

    We fully agree with Dot Thompson & are totally against this development application . It will result in traffic chaos in all the surrounding streets as well , including Gibson Avenue .
    My parents used to live in Highclere Ave .Punchbowl where St.Charbels church & school are now located.My parents were forced to move out because their life there became unbearable ! This application will follow the same path !

  3. Jan Syme commented

    No way. Any development with a large number of people attending would cause chaos, ie no new schools, childcare, shopping centre, religious establishment, warehouses, sporting complex. Just unrealistic in this small narrow street.

  4. Sue Lloyd commented

    Again this has been raised, after the overwhelming negative reaction to the last application the reasons it should not go ahead have not changed. Any one who knows the area realises it would create chaos. With a school already in place and the industrial area, the traffic is horrific and any increase would endanger the school children. It won't matter if the car park is underground it still increases the traffic to an unmanageable number. This is not the right place for an establishment like this. The first proposal I believe was put forward as a youth centre and prayer centre. This has changed and increased in size by the sounds of it.

  5. Lester ( John) Langton commented

    I work and live in close proximity to Enterprise Avenue, the business I work for uses the services of a business in Enterprise Ave ,access to parking is restricted due to current operation at the end of enterprise avenue. In addition to the parking issues traffic flow is always slow in Watson road ,the impact of the additional set of lights for the Bunnings site has further impacted traffic flow in Watson Rd and Fairford Rd. How can traffic be managed if this mosque development is approved? My other concern is the increased risk to children and parent pedestrians accessing the nearby school located in Watson Road , the roundabout at the intersection of Watson and Enterprise Ave will further exacerbate the concerns highlighted above as this is the only access point to Enterprise Ave ,this creates a bottleneck for traffic and also poses issues for emergency services if they require access via Watson Ave.
    Surely this Mosque can be relocated to a more suitable area where the impact will be minimised to the hazards associated with this development and the risks in the areas mentioned to the greater community as a whole.

  6. James commented

    I have no concerns with this application. I wonder if this was a christian church (to compliment the EXISTING christian church in this street) would there be the same level of angst about "traffic".
    I travel on Watson road numerous times a day throughout the day. Traffic is no better or worse than it was since the Bunnings went in.
    The underlying discriminatory tone in these complaints is concerning, especially for a multicultural area like Padstow/Bankstown.

  7. LW commented

    This is a recipe for disaster. It's a dead end street with existing traffic problems. The proposed centre will not be able to provide adequate parking. The centre will be close to a primary school with its own traffic issues.
    Another place of worship is not required in this area... it's an industrial area with trucks and other vehicles coming and going. The bottle neck of traffic leading into/out of the site is already problematic.
    How will the additional noise impact local residents, the school, and local business?

  8. Sarah Sleiman commented

    I work in Enterprise Ave and already have serious parking problems if I arrive after 9am to find parking, the street is overflowing with cars from business and their employees already. Visitors have sometimes been forced to park at the lower end of the street to walk uphill for their appointments. I have seen many B-double semitrailer trucks who make delivery on the street and then need to do a very dangerous, multi-attempt U-turn at the top end/cul-de-sac in order to exit Enterprise Avenue. I have examples of this on video if needed. The existing DA for Youth Centre, including gym, and Prayer Centre at the site have already added to the parking overload in the street, and on special events at the site, the stream of cars travelling to the top end is endless. This cul-de-sac site is not suitable at all for any large number attendees for any type of applicant - be it from any other religion, or a large supermarket, or retail outlet. Even when the site was previously a manufacturing plant "Breviso", the traffic for the business was always contained to onsite parking just for their employees, visitors and delivery trucks. Their business did not impact the street parking. Council would be acting negligible IMO if they allow thousands of people to attend a site whereby Emergency Services could not easily access the site in the event of a full scale emergency. Without any other access/egress streets to the site, Enterprise Avenue is not capable of servicing such large traffic numbers. Other people's comments mention all these issues which are still relevant and continue to remain valid on this application.

  9. Shaiful Shafie commented

    I live on Doyle Road which is not far from this area and I have used the Watson Road numerous times throughout the day for many years now.

    To be honest, there are not many houses on Watson Road. The area is mainly has factories, school, a childcare centre, and commercial shops.

    I guess people who are complaining about the traffic on this road are not actually living in this area.

    The traffic on this road is busy especially in the morning. Thats normal as people are using this road as a bypass to connect from The River Road to Fairford Road during peak hours.

    Then the school peak hours with the school drop-off/pick-up and nearby childcare.

    We cannot be judgemental by saying the road will be "busier" when the road is already busy. Regardless whether there is a mosque or not, the road is not going to be affected as the traffic is already at its peak for this area.

    The Entreprise Road is mainly factories, so the noise level from the traffic or people should not bother any nearby residents on Watson and plus the mosque is at the end of the road far from any residential house/unit.

    I would not oppose to this plan and I feel this might be a selling point to bring people to the local bussinesses and shops in Padstow.

  10. Tom Law commented

    My 7 yo kid is attending the school a few hundred metres away from the site. Any development would result in more traffic and could make children and parents at risky.

    As a parent of 2 kids, I strongly oppose this application

  11. lyn commented

    this has been applied for on numerous occasions and has been rejected due to all the dire implications regarding traffic chaos which is a danger to the local school community and all the surrounding local businesses, i thought it has been approved for a youth centre and prayer centre, I believe the outcome was the 2000sq m facility — to be decked out with a gym, sport courts, classrooms and underground car park — was approved on the condition it could not be used as a public place of worship - which could cater for 1000s of people coming and going, its is not the right location for this

  12. Y.E commented

    I do not understand what all these complaints are for. None of what is being complained about is accurate. Most of the traffic will occur in the evening when all business are closed and no schools are open ( Which my own Kids attend the local school which is around the corner). The only real reason for these complaint are because of the religious presents. All concerns that council would have, i am sure would be given attention. Rather than looking at negatives, how about we look at the positive impact this centre would do for the community. A place where all are welcome to attend, no matter what faith or race you are from.

  13. Ben commented

    No way. Everyone can imagine what the traffic would be with hundreds of cars. It would cause chaos and endanger people working on Enterprice Ave. Let alone there is one public school nearby. Council should always put children's safety first.

  14. VK commented

    Have you ever been to these mosques. A lot of them in Sydney at Arncliffe, Lakemba etc are in cul de sacs. When they are busy you can not enter the cul de sac sometimes the main road into the cul de sac is closed to only cater for the people attending the mosque.

    Same will happen here. It will become quite congested, watson road will be closed quite often. And yes one side of Watson road is ALL houses so there many families living on that street.

    Quite simply Enterprise Avenue is not suitable for any venue which will hold very large numbers (over a thousand) of people, be it a reception venue, carnival ground, church, temple, synagoue, orthodox church etc.. go to those streets which have these big places of worship and unless you are attending the venue you are not welcome to be anywhere near there. Even if you have lived in the street all your life 60 plus years you will be frowned upon. Nothing personal its how we humans are. Just a fact of life.

    There are more suitable places for this type of establishment.

  15. Pip commented

    Increasing capacity to 1,500 is untenable on this site. It’s a cul de sac with narrow road and busy industrial traffic and customers, near a residential area and school.
    The construction of a new mosque building to accommodate this amount of people should not be approved.
    Parking and access to the site are already key issues for the area.
    Using the site for visitor accommodation is also a prohibited use, so it should be rejected.

  16. Barbara commented

    I totally disagree with this development Enterprise ave has business's in this Street that are affected as it already is by the increase of traffic from the mosque/pray hall that is there now which was rejected on numerous occasions but has been ignored the residents of Padstow have minimal options when exiting our suburb and Watson road is one of the main roads we use on a number of occasions it is a traffic nightmare to enter or exit
    Who will be controlling the number of worshippers using these facilities because on a number of occasions the numbers are already exceeded yet not once has anything been done
    This has been rejected time and time again
    Why are our council rates being wasted so many times
    No is no

  17. YE commented

    All these objections are unjustified. Enterprise Ave is Narrow is totally incorrect. The traffic from the mosque is already causing issues is Incorrect. Causing safety Issues for the school is Incorrect. That Enterpirse Ave is already busy is also Incorrect. Everybody has their own opinion on this matter but the final say is by council. All these objections will be taken in by council I am sure but at the end if all is incorrect the correct decision will be made.

  18. VK commented

    To YE.

    The council already made the correct decision. It was rejected for use as a place of large gatherings.

    It was rejected many times and plans were amended to make use of the space in other ways which were approved by council.

    So yes council have already made the correct decision several times.

  19. YE commented

    To VK,

    I am sure I stated that on my first comment here and how any council recommendations would be taken into consideration and plans would be adjusted by people involved. So that was done and council has made the correct decision in approval these plans.

  20. mel commented

    I don't have any problems with the planning.If there is any concerns about school children, I can say that during weekdays I don't think the place will be busy as most people will be
    going to work. I travel on watson rd during weekdays to pick up my kids from schooI,and not many traffics coming from enterprise ave. And I remember during Ramadan nights (when many people would attend the place), they did a good thing by assigning volunteers to help control the traffic at the roundabout.
    I would support the plannings with condition that the centre will assist with the traffic if it gets busy in the future

  21. Erin commented

    I don't agree with this proposal in Enterprise Avenue.

    Apart from huge traffic concern, I also get confused about if the development would serve the local residents.

    I checked the 2016 consensus for Padstow, it says 'The most common responses for religion in Padstow (State Suburbs) were Catholic 24.0%, No Religion, so described 21.3%, Anglican 12.3%, Eastern Orthodox 7.8% and Not stated 7.4%. In Padstow (State Suburbs), Christianity was the largest religious group reported overall (61.1%) (this figure excludes not stated responses).' And according to Environmental Planning Laws, the public building is required to serve in the public interest of the local residents. Apparently, the proposal of the development doesn't match the requirement.

    And there is a school just nearby, the mosque would hugely increase the risk for both childrean and their parents.

    The huge building should no be placed in Enterprise Avenue, I would always disagree with it.

  22. Emily Luo commented

    Don’t like this idea. Will cause traffic jam to my area and we have a school just next to that!

  23. Ping Tan commented

    Did the native trees just died right after they moved in?

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