73 Ebley Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Modification to increase the hours of operation of the Grand Hotel to between 6am and 12 midnight on Sunday. The trading hours on Monday to Saturday are not proposed to be modified.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 25 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-572/2015/C)


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  1. Gayle Walker commented

    I object to this application for extended trading on Sundays. Let’s be clear and honest about the complaint procedure; it doesn’t work. Courts don’t regard complaints as evidence. Noise complaints are hard to prove. Videos may provide evidence but who wants to get out of bed and run up to the hotel to video tape drunk people at midnight? It’s a process designed to ensure that the residents fail. It may look good in theory but in reality it is does not work. Reduced trading hours is the only way to ensure the quiet and good order of the neighbourhood.

    I also am aware that neighbours have been woken up by the patrons leaving this hotel. It is useless to call the hotel, but if anyone does get out of bed and phone either the hotel or the police, you have been well and truly awakened. As I said before, it’s a process designed to look good on paper but it is entirely worthless in reality.

    We are only beginning to emerge from covid restrictions. It’s not a good time to be assessing any hotel for noise management. Please do not allow any extended trading to be evaluated over a period of history where the hotel wasn’t even able to operate or, once opened, restrictions in place due to covid rules around social distancing. It’s not an appropriate snapshot of trading behaviour.

  2. Nicolette Boaz commented

    It’s not clear to me what an increase from 6a.m. Until 12a.m. is - but it sounds like it will be giving a 24 hour license. Is this really the type of building we in Waverley want to inflict on the surrounding neighbours ? It brings with it violence and constant noise.

  3. Lisa Goodman commented

    There is no reason to allow the pub to trade from so early. As a local resident, we've benefitted from the pub being closed due to renovations and Covid. Previously we were woken up by drunk people walking past our house, and on one occasion someone passing out on our doorstep. This is not something the police can stop occurring, nor something they should waste their time doing so. There is no benefit to Waverly from having longer trading hours, and a substantial negative impact on residents.

  4. Alexia Ford commented

    This building with its pub/bar and pockie area is a disgrace to our neighbourhood.
    There was a noticeable reduction in notice and drunken people walking past our house late at night and particularly on Sundays around the local streets around this building was under development last year. These are not the type of people we want to attract to this area and it reduces the value of properties which by the way pay for council rates.

  5. Andrew Walker commented

    How can a hotel commencing trading at 6 am possibly benefit anyone other than the publican or license holder? This establishment will simply become a magnet for drunks to flock to after a big night out. As others have pointed out it’s been a welcome respite from the drunkardness over the last 12 months as this site has been re-developed. Waverly Council must listen to the concerns of the residents and not permit this hotel to commence trading at 6 am as it is unnecessary and is of no benefit to the local community.

  6. Naomi Silver commented

    I agree with all the comments relating to this application. The future of Bondi Junction looks grim. Bookended by pubs looking for the opportunity to extend opening hours. Under what premise?
    Whatever reasoning for extended trading hours is put forward by licensees/publicans and business owners will never include consideration for the local residents. These decisions are based on financials. The local residents don't get a vote. Oh the joy of drunks staggering up Ebley St, yelling at the top of their lungs not forgetting the other behaviours that come with it and all this as they spread through the side streets of Bondi Junction.
    Would be nice as a rate payer to be considered in decision making. Quiet enjoyment of your local environment seems like a lost dream.

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