149-163 Milton Street, Ashbury NSW 2193

Demolition of all existing structures, removal of 57 trees, excavation, site remediation, civil works, new road, site landscaping and construction of two residential flat buildings and seven multi-dwelling housing buildings comprising 129 dwellings over a single level common basement for 263 vehicles.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 2 days earlier.

(Source: Canterbury-Bankstown Council, reference DA-826/2020)


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  1. Kate commented

    Oh my God! No thankyou.

  2. Mark commented

    Great development application that provides for a mix of low and medium density housing options for young people and young families overlooking a park. My only request to council is to please ensure a strong focus on good architectural design (ensuring the development confirms to the NSW Institute of architects design best practice principles) and landscaping, trees and associated vegetation to ensure good urban planning outcomes. This site represents a good opportunity to add suitable levels of housing density In the inner west - but please do not allow cheap, ugly fly by night delveopers to put up hideous square block buildings. Make sure the design reflects best practices for owner occupied dwellings - particularly with the townhouses. If the design is poor and buildings ugly, it will give further ammo to the loony Baby Boomer NIMBY brigade who will call it overdevelopment. Please don’t waste this opportunity. We need good affordable density in Sydney.

  3. Phoebe commented

    I urge council to closely examine parking allotment against dwelling sizes. I came from a building where the final rate of parks/TOTAL bedrooms slimly satisfied the minimum required level, but parking spaces were distributed in such a way that many of the 3 bedroom apartments had no parking spaces, where studios had multiple spaces. Inhabitants end up utilising on-street parking. Those minimum ratios don't end up achieving their function.

    Horror stories from my previous building are a warning against the 'fly by night' developers that Mark has mentioned. Legal action taken against the developer drove the strata fees up by 70% over a small period, not inclusive of special levies. People were selling at a loss to be out of there. They mishandled works done to rectify faults. It is negligent and cruel to subject hopeful buyers to this unique fleecing. Affordable density development could be such a valuable thing for those who desire the stability of ownership, and the ability to pay their own mortgage - not someone else's. Do it right. When quality isn't guaranteed, it can financially ruin people.

  4. Deirdre Ferguson commented

    Remove 57 trees! NSW has had record land clearing and Sydney appears to be removing trees everywhere. This raises the temperature. Too often it is replaced by concrete, exacerbating the problem. We aren’t allowed to remove even one tree in our own gardens but developers seem to be allowed to do whatever they want.

    Good design, have you seen any recently?

  5. Emery commented

    Just what this road needs an additional 129 dwellings!!! The parking needs careful scutiny for residents and visitors to ensure there is little impact on this road.

  6. jamie bond commented

    Street parking will be an absolute disaster if suitable well position visitor parking is not allocated within the development. Are local parking permits being considered for Milton street to stop visitors parking in front of existing residents premises?
    Not to mention many of the existing dwellings on Milton Street have very small set back from the footpath. Noisy cars on Milton street is one thing but visitors coming and going at all hours from 128 dwellings totalling only half of the available development site will cause further disruption to existing Ashbury residents.

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