932 Forest Road, Peakhurst NSW 2210

Demolition works, and construction of a boarding house.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Georges River Council, reference DA2020/0327)


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  1. J Byrne commented

    Is a boarding house really suitable smack bang opposite a family park and in the heart of a family suburb? These types of places typically attract ex criminals, the homeless etc who cannot get work at a level to afford a normal place to rent, and I for one would certainly forgo taking children to the public park opposite here knowing this was here. Aside from that aspect, there is already a large Housing Commission aged care residence being developed on Forest road, just up the road from this on the roundabout to Lugarno and several other duplex sites on this road, the traffic congestion is already difficult along here at peak times, you can keep adding higher density housing, but unless you have infrastructure to match how are you supposed to get to work?

  2. Marie Zambo commented

    I don't believe a boarding house development is suitable for this site. There is already a facility being built almost opposite, just a little further on Forest Rd. Yet again, we see the council allowing unsuitable development at the cost of the community. This will devalue the resale value of the surrounding homes. Of greater concern it its proximity to a children's playground. Forest road is already congested during peak times, has any forethought as to needed infrastructure for a increase in population been factored into planning? Will there be enough car spaces for residents and visitors?

  3. Celia Finnie commented

    This development is in breach of current zoning for the area and needs to be denied. It is a medium density development not permitted in this some and completely out of character with the properties surrounding it. The development of 9 flats with only 2 car parking spaces and 1 restricted disabled space is ridiculous. This is in addition to ongoing permission from the council for markets every Saturday morning about 20 metres from this site. There is simply not the parking available on the street for all this development. The area is increasingly congested there is no appropriate crossings and pedestrian facilities in this area for yet more cars and traffic. The area is treated as low density and traffic but the council keeps adding these developments without infrastructure. This boarding house opposite a club is also inappropriate and may result in problematic behaviour from the 9-18 residents creating a risk to other residents. We have no emergency services in this area and at night police must come from Hurstville 20 minutes away. This is considered to be a low crime area and as a result has a low level of services. This boarding house potentially may change this profile without providing the necessary services to the community or policing. On the basis that this application breaches current zoning permissions, represents an inappropriate density of development for the area for not provide adequate onsite parking, and will impact on the amenity and quiet enjoyment of other residents it needs to be refused. The council has provided a medium density development area on the northern side of forest rd/ Henry Lawson drive and this development should be taking place in that area. In addition sites in that area have access to better public transport and have better accommodation for on street parking and do not already have weekly markets and traffic over and above infrastructure provision.

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