743 Victoria Rd Ryde NSW 2112

Proposed Amalgamation of four (4) allotments, demolition and construction of a part five storey part six storey mixed use development comprising of a five storey building accommodating 31 residential apartments (8 x 1 bedroom, 21 x 2 bedroom, 2 x 3 bedroom) and ground floor commercial space (196m2) over a two level basement for 42 car parking spaces

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Ryde, reference LDA2020/0288)


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  1. V Dorabjee commented

    Another five - six storey dwelling in an already conjusted and over developed area, is definetely not a viable proposal. I oppose this planning for reasons we already have enough high rise residential blocks in close proximity which are sitting unoccupied.
    The council must consider the overall negative and positive impact such a proposal will have on environment, habitat and movement of traffic and pedestrains in the once loved Top Ryde vicinity.

  2. Joe Yusof commented

    The area is already over populated, congested and struggling with infrastructure.
    I oppose this development. Build a park instead.

  3. A Snoeck commented

    Seriously?? Ryde and Meadowbank are totally unrecognizable from 10 years ago. To the point you have to really wonder WHY Ryde Council has actually allowed these 2 suburbs to get crazy over developed. Infrastructure is at breaking point. Try getting through to Ryde Bridge in peak hour for example.. This greedy overdevelopment would not happen in other Council jurisdictions. Green open space, not ANOTHER high density dwelling, should be on this site. Where’s the Land & Environment Court when you need them. Take action now residents.

  4. Tony L commented

    This is the last thing needed in the area! Who in their right mind at Ryde Council could possibly think that this would be beneficial? There is too much congestion as it is! More open spaces, more greenery! Not more over development!

  5. Fletcher simpkins commented

    Further to the previous comments, the volume of apartments in the area have added significantly to the congestion in the Ryde council area. As these apartments also include a commercial space at the bottom, how will customers and residents manage to get in and out of the buildings at such a busy intersection? Also, who will buy an apartment there? There is already an oversupply of apartments from Church St to Hillcrest Ave specifically and in Ryde Council area more generally. This will just be another empty eyesore. More green space!

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