1105 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach QLD 4221

Material Change of Use Code Assessment Multiple Dwelling (33 Units)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Gold Coast City Council, reference MCU/2020/347)


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  1. Karen Rowles commented

    I strongly OBJECT to yet another high rise planned for Palm Beach.
    The setbacks are no existent and do not comply with City Plan Guidelines.
    There is also a high rise planned for each side of this high rise... creating a CONCRETE CANYON through our coastal community.
    When will this Council listen to the Ratepayers and stop destroying our lifestyle and our communities with these bulky unsightly towers????


    No setbacks, building to land ratio inappropriate.

  3. Tamara Johansen commented

    It’s great to see a design that (aesthetically speaking) suits the character of Palm Beach. However, this application breaches our town planning acceptable outcomes in the following ways:

    - Density, this building is almost four times the planned density for this site - this needs to be addressed

    Setbacks - 0m setbacks are unacceptable and should never be approved. There needs to be open air between neighbouring properties and room for open space at ground level for communal open space and deep soil planting

    Site coverage - plans state 57% site coverage vs 50% town plan. The sheer bulk of this building is very apparent from the side views of this property, this needs to be reduced to allow for more landscaping and deep soil planting at ground level for the benefit of street appeal and privacy for neighbouring properties.

    Parking - only 4 x visitor car parks for 33 units is not adequate, and 1.6 car parks per unit is a gross underestimation of what unit buyers/residents need and expect.

    We are finding ourselves now with a cluster of three new high rises (1101, 1105 and 1109 Gold Coast Highway), in a row, all with minimal or 0m setbacks wedged in beside each other, all approved without green space or deep soil planting, all exceeding the planned density. This is very disappointing and sad for Palm Beach.

  4. Andrew Wheaton commented

    I too, am opposed to this building, as it breaches the town planning guidelines.

    - The setbacks are unacceptable and should not be approved. There needs to be open space between neighbouring properties and room for open space at ground level for communal open space and landscaping.

    - The building breaches the density by close to four times.

    - The site coverage plans are over the 50% town plan.

    - There is little set backs or landscaping green space with this build.

    - The car parking space is not adequate with only 4 visitor car parks for 33 unit and the car parks per unit is understated.

  5. Shannon May commented

    I'm formally writing to OBJECT to this Development. It does not meet City Plan requirements in terms of site coverage, set backs or landscaping. The site greatly exceeds density guidelines and there is not enough car parking. Jefferson Lane, is a very narrow lane; it is already congested and is a danger to residents.

  6. Troy Jones commented

    I wish to object to this building, as it breaches many town planning guidelines.

    * A major issue is the non-observance of the new town plan height restriction of 17 metres or 5 storeys.

    * The building approved at 1109 is extremely inappropriate for the block and having this concrete monstrosity next door, will only add to the destruction of the Palm Beach landscape.

    * Jefferson Lane is already dangerously busy and crowded with walkers, cyclists and pedestrians - this will make things worse.

    * The building breaches the density by basically four times.

    * The site coverage plans are 57%...over the 50% of the town plan.

    * Set backs are unacceptable.

    * 4 visitor car parks for 33 units is inadequate considering the parking issues currently in central Palm Beach.

    PLEASE ensure that this is not approved GCCC...we all provided feedback for the new town plan and it would only make a farce of community consultation.

  7. Katie Jones commented

    I wish to express my strong to objection to this proposal.

    It does not meet the requirements for inclusions such as site coverage, set backs and landscaping.

    The site greatly exceeds the guidelines with regards to density and there is definitely not enough car parking included in this proposal.

    Jefferson Lane, is an extremely narrow lane and as it is already congested this proposal would pose a danger to residents & tourists alike.

  8. Samantha Ladd commented

    I wish to object to this proposal>

    It does not meet town plan guidelines.

    It breaks site coverage, set backs and hight allowances.

    Jefferson lane can not cope with anymore traffic and will pose a danger.

    Car parking allocation is inadequate and will add to cars parked on the GC hwy and side streets.

    I can see no consideration given for those living near and this development will impact greatly those residences and impact current and expected lifestyle .

  9. Ron Jones commented

    I strongly object to yet another high rise in Palm Beach.It does not comply with City Plan
    Palm Beach is starting to resemble a concrete jungle.
    It is time Council listens to their ratepayers and stops destroying our community.

  10. Zoe commented

    I strongly object another high rise building in palm beach. The appeal of our seaside community is being ruined, I agree with the above that is is now resembling a concrete jungle. Car parking is already an issue without adding more congestion. Please, please ,please listen to the locals...come spend sometime with us and you will see for yourself.

  11. concerned resident commented

    * The proposed development exceeds council criteria in respect of:-
    o Setbacks
    o Density - city plan provides for 1 bedroom per 33m2 (which would allow 28 bedrooms for site of this size). This DA is seeking 82 bedrooms, across 33 units.
    o Site coverage - it is over at 57.4% and is seeking 10 storeys.

    * There is restricted and unsafe access to the site – Jefferson Lane already poses a daily safety risk given the narrow single lane in one direction, with shared access for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, pedestrians, pets, cyclists and neighborhood kids. These risks are heightened given the close vicinity to close commercial neighbour businesses, including the Surf Club, which has member and public traffic and access needs.

    * There is inadequate parking provided in the application – provision has been made for a 2 level basement with only 57 carparks (53 for residents and only 4 for visitors) - for 33 units (with a mix of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments). There is already a shortage of street parking within Palm Beach generally, particularly beachside of the highway and there is no street parking along Jefferson Lane. The DA references that street parking is available along Gold Coast Highway, however this is frequently used as a car parking solution for the rest of the buildings in Palm Beach that have already been permitted to build without adequate parking spaces.

    * The proposed development is not balanced between built form and green areas. The landscaping referenced is sparse and appears to be proposed only to overcome other objections or concerns with the development (i.e to assist with privacy), not out of any genuine desire to incorporate green areas.

    * The proposed development will unduly impact the amenity enjoyed by surrounding properties. Specifically, the impact on the privacy of neighbours, given the proposed size and scale of the development. Further, the anticipated shading caused by a building of almost 30m should not be overlooked.

    Finally, the DA references how the proposed development is consistent with the vision for Palm Beach and provides a good mix of building types. However, it fails to address how many of the neighbouring properties have similar development applications being submitted simultaneously, for very similar developments, seeking the same relaxations, and thereby destroying any intended mix of building forms. These developments set a concerning precedent for subsequent applications, and the deleterious cumulative effect can already be seen throughout Palm Beach, and countless other suburbs throughout the Gold Coast, who have been granted approval to destroy the very attributes that attract people to our coastal towns.

    The proposed development is at a form, scale and intensity that is inappropriate, inconsistent with the City Plan and will not benefit Palm Beach.

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