59-75 Grafton Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Modification to construct two additional residential levels, provide seven additional apartments, internal alterations and changes to bicycle parking spaces, roof design and façade

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-482/2017/A)


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  1. Julia Durzi commented

    Hi Mitchell,
    My name is Julia Durzi and live in /310-330 oxford st bondi junction. I have received a letter in the mail regarding a new property being developed at 59-75 grafton Street . I am writing for myself along with every other resident who payed for these apartments with the view. Where is our compensation for the lovely view that we payed for which we all will be loosing from Clygen PTY Ltd. The area is crowded enough and there is not enough parking spaces in bondi junction. We don't need more residents nor do we need any more pollution. The infrastructure can't handle it either.

    I hope you read this and put it into consideration not to build the new complex.

  2. Gregory Phillips commented

    I call on the newly elected Labour mayor to stand up to the blatant disregard of planning controls by developers & represent the residents of Bondi Junction & the wider Waverley LGA who elected her. I also call on those representing the Greens within Waverley Council to 'put community before developers' (to paraphrase their own catchcry) & not fall in line with the pro-development stance of other political parties.

    This modification proposes a 24% exceedance of the permissible height control (an additional two levels!) and 15% exceedance of the permissible floorspace ratio set by Waverley Council. If approved, this sets a dangerous precedent for future developments in Bondi Junction, especially in light of the towers approved adjacent to Centennial Park, to create a canyon of towers along Oxford Street with no gradation of scale to the adjacent conservation areas & parklands.

    It has already happened at the old Mill Hill Pub tower and the adverse impacts of privacy, views, scale & street context cannot be simply offset by a cash planning agreement with Council. The Mill Hill Pub tower applicant added additional levels through a VPA & then retroactively combined the affordable housing units required by Council into a whole level penthouse! Surely Waverley Council can wise up to such dishonest tactics, especially in light of the current economic environment.

    These impacts have a wide-reaching effect on the broader community & do not have a monetary value. By making 'approval creep' a legitimate approval process for developers undermines the validity of the planning controls which are meant to ensure the healthy future of the urban environment & its occupants in the first place.

    Applications like this should have residents up in arms so please, voice your concerns/disapproval too before its too late.

  3. Angela McLaughlin commented

    Dear Councillors, your constituents are pleading with you to stop this gross overdevelopment of Bondi Junction. At the last election Labour was elected to bring change to development approvals. Please bring the change we have been demanding.

  4. Josh Tai commented

    Mayor Masselos and Councillors, the residents of Bondi Junction are clearly not wanting more development approvals. Both the East and West ends of Oxford Street have been under continuous construction for years as more and more apartment towers have been erected. We have watched as many development applications follow a similar process of having development plans approved and then later altering these plans to increase the height of the tower...normally 2 additional levels. Why does the Council have set planning controls regulations in place when developers so easily go around them?

    Help us understand Council's decision making process (and motivation) when it comes to approving apartment tower developments around Bondi Junction. Just take a look at what's happened to the residents at 308 Oxford Street who have completely lost their views to the West because of the development at 302 Oxford Street. We do hope the Council members that were voted in to protect our local neighbourhood and fight over development will stand up and bring the change we need.

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