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  1. 1 Read Street Bronte NSW 2024
    about 2 months ago, 1.3 kilometres away

    Remove one (1) Bangalow Palm from rear RHS. This palm has sudden crown drop due to fungal disease, Thielaviopsis paradoxa – this causes internal decay of the trunk that is not visible from the outside. The pseudobark and leaves appear healthy, however this small amount of healthy tissue is insufficient to support the trunk’s weight. Eventually the decay will cause the palm’s entire crown and the upper portion of the trunk to fail.

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    1/56 Ocean Street Bondi NSW 2026
    about 2 months ago, 1.7 kilometres away

    Remove one (1) Chinese Tallowwood from North Eastern corner. Remove and replace with one (1) native tree. This tree is a fast growing tree that can quickly form dense thickets. Each tree produces thousands of seeds that can remain dormant for many years. It is also able to alter the chemical composition of the soil, enhancing conditions for further seed germination and rapid plant growth – this allows it to replace native species in a relatively short period of time. This tree is only young however there is evidence of large buttress roots forming under the boundary fence. The tree is growing next to the storm water pit and has the potential to block it.

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