34 Bourke Street Blacks Beach QLD 4740

Multiple Dwelling Units (69)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 10 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Mackay Regional Council, reference DA - 2012 - 124)

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  1. Petrina Frankham commented

    I am writing to oppose the development application submitted for 34 Bourke Street, Blacks Beach Qld 4740.
    The reason that I am opposing the prospective development is due to the current road infrastructure of Bourke Street and concerns associated with the safety of residents!
    Key concerns are as follows:
    * The Seawind Caravan Park is currently completing their refurbishment, however, no parking provisions have been put in place or enforced by Mackay City Council. As a result up to 20 - 30 vehicles per evening park on the roadside. This then causes issues for the School and Public Bus system that attempts to manoeuvre their way through the street each day (in a safe manner), not to mention residents attempting to make their way to work.
    * The second issue is that there are no footpaths or curbing along Bourke Street, the increased traffic and construction of this proposed development (along with current developments) will certainly pose a safety issue for pedestrians, locals, children and visitors alike.
    * Another factor to take into consideration is the already commenced development of Carroll Street (which stems off Bourke Street). I would assume that the development of this land alone (without even taking into consideration the construction of homes) will take up to two years. Bourke street residents have already witnessed an increase of traffic, such as trucks and work vehicles (Bourke Street appears to be the main access point for this development) which are already causing further traffic congestion and at times (due to the size of the trucks) are physically blocking people's homes for small periods of time.
    * I also do not believe that adequate parking facilities have been provided in the development and as anyone can physically see upon inspection of the site - there is NOWHERE to park if the existing parking facilities are full (except back on the street, again congesting traffic and causing safety issues for people attempting to enjoy the neighbourhood.).
    * And finally, to add to the congestion and poor infrastructure, Mackay City Council's work trucks and vehicles enjoy having their lunch at the Blacks Beach Park - which is lovely but with the already existing heavy traffic, I believe that it is too much for the road infrastructure to support.
    I have already noticed the obvious impact of the current state of Bourke Street, Blacks Beach by way of the decrease (in fact total abandonment) of international tour groups such as Contiki and Australian Scenic Tours enjoying day trips to Blacks Beach Park! It's sad that a beach that is world renown cannot be comfortably accessed by the world's citizens!
    I would also like to point out that upon completion of the very small portion of development that the Mackay City Council did at Blacks Beach Park a few years ago, ALL residents who lived in that section of the developed road were threatened with Parking Tickets should they park on the footpath or in front of their homes! These residents have (unwillingly complied) only to witness the Council allowing the monstrosities (listed above) to transpire before them! This is unfair, unjust and hypocritical to say the least!
    Bourke Street is a lovely piece of paradise that is quickly aesthetically beginning to resemble a third world nation, although after my recent visit to Morocco I can testify that their roads (yes, in a 'developing' country) are in fact better and safer than the road that I live on here in Bourke Street, Blacks Beach, AUSTRALIA!
    I would hope and appreciate that from a professional, social and safety standpoint that the above concerns are taken into consideration in the application of this development and any further developments that may be put forward for Bourke Street!

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