26 Hargrave Street, Kingswood NSW 2747

Demolition of Existing Structures & Construction of Two (2) Storey Boarding House containing 12 Boarding Rooms & At-Grade Car Parking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 25 days ago. It was received by them 6 days earlier.

(Source: Penrith City Council, reference DA20/0435)


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  1. Wendy Spinks commented

    Boarding Houses are required to have 0.5 car space per room, if there is 12 rooms there should be 6 car spaces. Cars can not park in Hargrave street now.

  2. Donna Coombes commented

    Surely there are more than enough boarding houses in this area. Why is it that long time resident and rate payers are being pushed aside so that greedy investors can continue buying up properties for this type of development. Penrith City Council it’s time to stand up and fight for long time residents.

  3. Bob Howard commented

    Yep your selling the place out for greed.

  4. Ingelle Moore commented

    Surely there are enough"boarding "houses of this type in the Penrith area.Rabbit warrens where people are shoved into living in such close quarters with each other;insufficient parking; no proper management of these residents' needs.Just dumped into the community with no consultation.Who on council actually approves of these developments,and are there any (illegal) vested interests involved
    ?. After all Penrith Council should be looking after the community as a whole.It is really the servant of the residents as we pay their salaries.Maybe consultation with community could have been thought of?Yet I wonder how much regard would be taken of community concerns centering around these basically ghetto buildings.Why can't decent,low level groups of townhouses be built where a mixed grouping of people live together? More progressive communities are thinking along these lines-why not Penrith Council?

  5. Jothy Kandasamy commented

    I have lived in Kingswood for 16 years and in Penrith for 40.

    Penrith Council is bound by the Affordable housing SEPP and are doing all they can to make sure developments comply. It is NOT councils decision if these get approved or not and things CAN'T stay as they are.

    Given Sydney's population will exceed 8 million people by 2040 not everyone will be able to afford a town house or even a unit. People need affordable places to live, and our group of most vulnerable (aged, mentally ill, disabled people with bad luck) will only grow as our metropolis does. I miss my parents 1/2 acre block, and I miss playing street cricket, but with the Greater Sydney Region Plan developments like this are NEEDED more and more.

    I respect this community and that change is hard especially when it impacts your home and the way of life you have known and enjoyed for decades, but my kids (primary school aged) NEED the opportunities they will get from a "Big Sydney" and objecting to an increase in housing density isn't helpful especially in older areas like Kingswood with good walk-able amenities, established infrastructure and large(r) blocks.

  6. Mrs Lyndy Rastall commented

    Another not needed boarding house , Hargrave st is a small st ,also hospital Staff park in that st for close access to our hospital,,, we need hospital staff more than we need boarding houses .There is already toooo many boarding Houses with vacant signs on many of them , so it explains no more are necessary....Firstly local LONG time residents should not feel pushed out of our homes for greedy developers .If there is any more boarding houses to be built ,find vacant land , where NONE of us long time residents live & developers could could start there own development city away from established residents.
    Most of us have lived here in KINGSWOOD for 45-48 years & love our area & we are not saying no to boarding houses we are saying find somewhere else , on vacant land to put these buildings & leave us loyal long time residents alone .Until you have these horrid buildings imposing upon your & life , you not aware of all the issues that boarding houses come with .

  7. Danielle Daly commented

    Why is there yet another boarding house being placed in Kingswood? I also understand that there is the need for these but move them to another suburb. I live in a street that has and 18 unit boarding house, an 18 unit over 55/disability housing and have another 2 boarding houses less then 500m's away. There is no parking anywhere for these as it is and to add more is going to cause more issues.
    It seems Kingswood has just become the only area in Penrith that these developments are being built there has been absolutely no consideration given to the actual community and residents.
    Is this now also why Penrith City Council is focusing on what improvements can be made to Kingswood so residents overlook these developments?

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