575 Old South Head Road Rose Bay NSW 2029

Demolition of all dwellings and structures and construction of a four storey residential flat building including infill affordable housing units and basement parking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-204/2020)


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  1. Jack Stoch commented

    I don’t want a 4 storey building behind my house. The black coloured roof/ parapets will overlook me. I enjoy privacy and don’t want windows to face me.

  2. Max Rodella commented

    Enough apartment blocks we will not be able to drive due to traffic. The corner between Old South and Dover St will be a nightmare. What is the council proposing to solve the traffic issue?

  3. Sid Brikco commented

    Dear Max, Jack,
    Here is what u do to have the decisions which: are unjust, in contravention of applicable laws, negatively impact public amenity, or have been made without adherence to the DPP guidelines and protocols.
    Its actually surprisingly easy; 1/ Contact all the people who have benefited from your actions & endeavors when they were disadvantaged by the impact of development. They will always fight for you as you did for them. The only way to combat these problems is through public outrage, you need numbers, then you can get the DA reviewed and the mistakes will already be there in black and white.
    The law of the land will be upheld.
    What did you do when the 600 healthy Historic 100 year old Moreton Bay Figs were being chopped down along The Iconic Boulevard of Anzac Pde to make way for The Light Rail or the Eurimbla Ave Compulsory Acquisition of 93 properties to be demolished again for the lght rail. There were nine residents over the age of 80, 41 children and 56 owner occupiers.
    "..I enjoy my privacy and don't want windows to face me."
    You mightg see your reflection.

  4. allan aaron commented

    Unfortunately you are spot on. People are aggrieved and righteous when the development is 'next door' but apathetic at all other times. Worse still, they often criticise those who take a public stance on these issues. What's the saying "you reap what you sow"...

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