10-12 Egan Street Newtown NSW 2042

Conversion of existing building to a two storey boarding house of 19 boarding rooms (19 occupants) and 12 bicycle parking spaces.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2020/517)


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  1. Andrew Crodley commented

    A boarding house is not appropriate in this location. The amenity for each unit is disgraceful. Not sure how this complies with the Good Design guidelines

  2. Carolyn MURRAY commented

    I’m my experience living next to a boarding house built under this legislation are as follows.The choice of 19 people will to avoid the need for an on-site manager under the rules.
    Smoking should be banned in all Outdoor areas as smoke drift from court years and balconies will impact on neighbouring properties Significantly and the council will not Do anything about it . Second hand smoke is a health hazard
    Add a clause about tenant dumping rubbish in street in management plan
    Parking in the street will be severely impacted upon for local residents as most people In boarding houses will have a car

    There is not render image to show what it really looks like.

  3. Penelope Christie commented

    We strongly object to this application our concerns are as follows;

    1. The number of apartments being proposed for the Egan St development is far too high for a building of that size. Noise and social issues arising from such a compact development with no outdoor space is a concern for residents of the street.

    2. Over the 10 years we have lived on Egan St we have had extremely frequent issues with the hostel located at 5-11 Egan St in terms of noise and have had to call on the police on many occasions. Yet another temporary accomodation facility will surely exacerbate these ongoing issues.

    3. Will this development genuinely meet the needs of Sydneysiders in need of affordable, long term accommodation or is it another backpackers under the guise of affordable accommodation?

    4. A major concern is that with no outdoor space, it is likely that the residents of the boarding house will spill out onto the street and the playground at all hours of night and day, as guests already do from the hostel. This is a genuine concern for the residents of the street in terms of safety, health and noise.

    5. While we appreciate that parking spaces for bikes are part of the development it is unrealistic to expect residents to not have any cars and yet there will be nowhere for residents to park, creating yet more parking shortages for existing residents of the area.

    6. Currently, noise emanates from the dormer windows, when open, across to our backyard, with only one residence. Noise from 19 apartments travelling across to our property will surely be an issue for neighbours of the boarding house.

    6. With a boarding house already under construction and nearing completion 190 m away on the corner of King and Victoria St, is there really a need for yet another building serving the same purpose? If that building is an indication of the design being accepted by council that is also a real concern as it is an eyesore for the neighbours and appears to be of questionable quality. It has not improved the streetscape of Victoria St.

    It is our strong view that this street is not able to sustain a development of this size and welcome discussions regarding this application.

  4. Sinead Duggan commented

    I believe this is not an appropriate location for a 19 room boarding house, Egan Street is very narrow and already parking is tight and hard to find. It’s unreasonable to not provide off street parking even though the zoning does not require new developments to provide it. I am concerned about the disruption to resident parking in the street during the construction as well as once completed.

    I am also extremely concerned about the COVID-19 risk this development poses. In light of current events, it is clear that trying to fit many people into a small area is unsafe for the residents, neighbours and the community.

    This is a lovely building with a lot of history and it would be great to see it restored and that history be preserved, I believe this development does not coincide with the look and feel of the building, the street and the entire area and turning it into a 19 room boarding house is an extremely unsuitable use of the building.

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