12 Erskine Street, Goodwood 5034, SA

Demolish existing dwelling and construct single storey dwelling including verandah and garage

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 days ago. It was received by them about 12 hours earlier.

(Source: City of Unley, reference 421/2020/NEW)


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  1. Leah commented

    Another heritage property up for demolition? This is a disgrace. The property was bought a year ago, only to be demolished. Buildings like this are a part of our collective history - which we all have stake in. Knocking them down erases this history one by one and detracts from the character of the neighbourhood of Goodwood. This demolition should not be allowed. Heritage properties should be retained as contributory items. Or - Goodwood, another concrete box for you.

  2. Anne Wharton commented

    I agree with Leah - this is one of a lovely row of single-fronted cottages. There are also 2 magnificent gums in the street which give it a lovely feel. It would be nice to see it restored rather than demolished and maintain the heritage streetscape.

  3. Cathy Heptinstall commented

    We are losing too much of our character heritage streetscape. It is a waste of resources to pull down a perfectly good home. Why not adapt and repurpose. Soon all our streets will look the same. Build if you must, but find a more suitable place, which is not at the expense of our state's heritage. We can't bring back what is destroyed.

  4. David Mallett commented

    It is a sad day to see so many Trees and beautiful homes lost to modern architecture . Unley is loosing so many of our turn of the century Bluestone homes on large gardens and established Trees.

  5. Leah commented

    Anne, you’re right, I think demolishing the property will alter the feel of the street, and of course we’ll lose a piece of history for ever.

    As far as I have been told, the property is in good condition (not that just because a house has been let go, it’s ok to demolish it).

    The value (historic and probably monetary) of row houses is in their collective presence.

    As an Unley resident I would urge the council to ensure it’s in the strongest position, within its power, to protect, and to lobby for the protection, of built heritage and mature trees.

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