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43 Cattai Ridge Road, Glenorie NSW 2157

Installation of a Telecommunications Facility (Mobile Phone Base Station)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 15 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: The Hills Shire Council, reference 1616/2020/HA)


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  1. Kaye Binns-McDonald commented

    I am greatly concerned about the construction of the proposed Mobile Phone Tower at 43 Cattai Ridge Road Glenorie, so close to not only my home, but all the homes in the area. I strongly object to the building of this tower, especially in this rural area where quality of life and the natural environment are paramount. I am also extremely worried of course for the health and well being of all those living within its scope. Both my husband and I do not want this tower, and strongly object to its construction.

    I have never made a donation to any council member or employee or politician.

  2. Rodney Frost commented

    We live less than 1km from this site and we struggle to even get 3G mobile service now and we have to go to the driveway for that. The location seems perfect as the power station is already there if I’m reading it correctly.

  3. Stuart commented

    You have your own mobile phone, right? Using that is probably more dangerous than living near a tower.

  4. Warren George commented

    For those who wish to make comment about mobile phone towers, owning a mobile phone and then reference "US based statistics and advice" then all one can say is .........
    "if you believe the rhetoric and the litany of lies put forward by the US government and its associated Federal agencies about a myriad of matters of concern (including the current Covid19 pandemic) which can have an adverse affect on the the lives of millions of people , including the possibility of death, then please enjoy what the good ole' US of A has to offer on your next overseas trip.

    If you have so much faith in mobile phone towers then give Telstra a call and offer the services of your property for them to install a tower upon - it might even be a bit of an income stream to utilise for any future medical expenses :)

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