24 Campbell Tce Wavell Heights QLD 4012

Subdivision of Land

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 20 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Brisbane City Council, reference A005475889)


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  1. Vickie Dawson commented

    We live in Kinmond Avenue with a back entrance onto Eliza Lane. The traffic in the lane has become far heavier than the narrow lane can sustain. Our small garden and back gate backs directly onto the lane and when cars drive (frequently very fast) along the lane it is dangerous for us to exit our property that way. We only ever use that back entrance as a pedestrian entrance. The noise has also increased significantly making it less desirable a place to live. The narrowness of the lane makes it very difficult and dangerous for large vehicles and we have watched in horror as delivery trucks reverse the wrong way down the lane all the way from Rode Road because they cannot make the right angled corner near 41 Eliza Lane. I submit that access for the developments at 24 Campbell Terrace should not be into Eliza Lane and, as with those at 20 Campbell Terrace, a condition of development should be that there be no vehicular access to Eliza Lane

  2. Keren McKenna commented

    I reside at 33 Eliza Lane with my driveway access near the corner at 41 Eliza Lane. The laneway is very narrow and has no footpath on either side. When any large building construction or delivery trucks attempt to access the laneway they regularly either hit the fence or telephone pole. The damage to the curb is evidence of the unsuitability of large vehicles to access the laneway. When construction is underway vehicles regularly block the laneway which means that not only residents cannot access the only exit to Rode Road but endangers the lives of residents as emergency vehicles are unable to access the laneway when the construction & delivery vehicles block the laneway for lengthy periods. The proposed development at 24 Campbell Terrace should not be granted access into Eliza Lane due to inadequate width for manoeuvring but stay via Campbell Terrace. I urge council to place priority safety of the current residents and our properties and deny the proposed development vehicular access via Eliza Lane.

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