20 Gilbert Street, Goodwood SA 5034

Removal of two regulated trees

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 2 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Unley, reference 366/2020/NEW)


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  1. Wendy Bevan commented

    We need more information about this. Are these mature trees providing habitat for native birds and other animals? Why are they planned to be removed? Goodwood has lost too many of its trees for no good reason.

  2. Fran Smith commented

    I have said it before and will now say it again. Why is the operative word. Why is this considered necessary? Has anyone with tree expertise assessed the trees in question? Why are we removing our green cover throughout Unley and not insisting that vegetation thus removed is not replaced? Do we really wish to go on creating heat islands in our suburbs?

  3. Cathy Chua commented

    It is hard to understand why people who want to live in non-green environments can't move to non-green suburbs instead of degreening ones that are already doing the right thing.

    And if the answer is 'we love green, as long as it's other people's' then understand how anti-social and against the community that is. We are all in this together. It's a thing we share. This person's 'improvement' is a great loss for all of us.

    In this case, it appears you can not only cut down your own trees with impunity, but also cut down your neighbour's? Rather odd.

  4. Isabel Fforde commented

    Why do these trees need removing? How can someone apply to have trees removed from their neighbour's property? Why classify trees as significant or restricted, if they can actually be chopped down? The trees certainly do look to be significant in size. Why must we lose them?
    Does Unley Council keep an accurate tally of lost trees?

  5. Bob Schnell commented

    It’s just so sad. It’s disappointing that Unley Council has allowed this to happen. Unley Mayor Mike Hewitson made it his election platform to stop the loss of our trees (especially on private land) and to increase the green canopy.
    And what has been done? Nothing but talk and yet another Tree Strategy Plan.
    I’m just so disappointed.

  6. Anne Wilson commented

    While Unley Council makes every possible effort to retain trees, some of you may be unaware that Council’s powers are limited in these instances, due to changes in State Planning jurisdiction in recent years

    Submissions to Council for tree removals are made on arborist evaluation (both Council and often owner-appointed). If Council is recommending refusal, or if there are objections, applications proceed to CAP (Council Assessment Panel) for a decision. CAP is appointed under the State Government Planning legislation. This panel has 5 members, only one of which is a Council representative. If that person is absent the Council is represented by a deputy.

    If the applicant is dissatisfied with the CAP decision, they can appeal to the ERD (Environment Resources & Development) Court.

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