27 MacPherson Street Waverley NSW 2024

Remove one (1) Jacaranda and remove one (1) Pencil Pine from front boundary

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 2 months ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference TPO-138/2020)


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  1. Amanda Fraser commented

    There is no excuse to kill this healthy, well established and beautiful Jacaranda tree. It is home to numerous birds and wildlife. With the continued destruction of trees at St Caths School, we need to protect as many trees as we can.

  2. Kate Marshall commented

    As a resident whose property backs on to Macpherson St, I strongly oppose the proposed removal of the jacaranda and pencil pine. The reason given for their removal is completely spurious and will detract from the streetscape, which has already suffered at the hands of the major development at St Catherine’s School opposite. As well as providing much needed shade for the street, mature trees are a haven for birds and other animals. Loss of habitat eg for development means they depend on trees and scrubs in urban streets to survive.

  3. Kat Harte commented

    There is no justifiable reason to kill another tree, if it needs trimming then trim it. We cannot grow trees at a fast enough rate to replace the ones you are cutting down. The environment is so pollutted by all the cars and construction sites we need the trees to clean the air, for shade, as a habitat and for mental health. Please do not cut it down.

  4. Debby Paskal commented

    Why in heaven’s name would you want to kill a mature jacaranda tree??

  5. Karin commented

    In the "fabulous" CG image of the approved development the trees are retained. Why is there now a DA to remove them. Can only agree to the above comments.

  6. Manuel Santos and Nieves Santos commented

    We are local residents who walk by each day and the mature jacaranda tree has been there for many years and especially when November arrives, it provides beautiful flowers....we cannot allow these trees to be cut down. The developers were aware that the tree is there and they should accommodate their plans to allow for the trees. We can't keep cutting down trees just because they request to get rid of them and allow to do so. We are very much against cutting down these trees.

  7. Mark Paskal commented

    Perhaps Council can provide a justification for the removal of these trees? Some Councils take pains to preserve mature trees, for obvious reasons. There are thousands of people who benefit from the retention of these trees. Obviously, developers want them destroyed for the benefit of a very few.

  8. John S. Batts commented

    I should like to endorse the views of several responders about the DA-planned destruction of trees in Waverley, especially mature trees, and particularly the jacaranda.

  9. jennifer tuckwell commented

    I agree with the need for an explanation please by Council.
    We don't have enough beauty and I for one always admired this tree

  10. Lucy Shannon commented

    Do not support removal of the Jacaranda Tree - they are part of the beauty of this suburb. We need to protect mature trees like this because they take so long to grow to this height! This street (and our entire suburb) has a better character because of trees like this yet we keep letting these beautiful mature trees be removed.

    New development on this site should respect the existing tree location and be designed to appreciate the beauty of this tree, where it stands. Planting new trees is not an acceptable substitute.

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