95 Francis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Remove one (1) Loquat adjacent to house. This tree is planted in an unsuitable location and has insufficient space to develop.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference TPO-132/2020)


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  1. Amanda Hendriks commented

    Why ?
    Looks to be causing no problems , only enhancing the natural environment.
    We need to question every request for tree removal.
    This is a species of gum tree that thrives in the area , why remove it when it is probably providing a home and food for threatened wildlife and also lightening our carbon footprint. ???
    As a community we need to increase green space not decrease it.

  2. Paul Paech commented

    This tree is on public land and seems to be healthy and growing vigorously. I'm pleased to be asked to comment on this proposal and can't see any obvious reason for its "removal" and therefore ask Council to consider retaining it, with perhaps some pruning if considered necessary for safety etc.

    By the way: just this morning I have had to listen to the sound of another big tree being "removed" in this neighbourhood. In my book, these massive green things are living and growing creatures, so removing them is like murder to me.

  3. Lenore Kulakauskas commented

    As this tree is on public land and not even closely impacting 95 Francis, indeed it is at the top of a slope, the removal of this tree is strongly objected to. I walk past this tree daily and delight in the wildlife corridor this tree is part of in this street. This request needs to be denied as this is a tree belonging to everyone, it is essential for the wildlife in this area and essential for the ever warming climate we are living in.

  4. Chris Maltby commented

    I object to the removal of this tree.

    It is well away from the buildings and does not overhang or overshadow them. It is healthy and provides urban cooling as well as habitat and food for birds and insects. It forms part of an extensive row of trees in Francis St that define its character and make it one of the most attractive streets in the area.

    The application does not specify any grounds for its removal other than that the applicant thinks it is in an "unsuitable spot" and that it doesn't have room to grow. Neither of these claims seem to be substantiated.

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