228-234 Pacific Highway Hornsby NSW 2077

Construction of a 10-12 storey mixed use building accommodating retail tenancies at the ground floor level, commercial tenancies at the first floor level, a residential care facility at levels 3-11, a residential apartment at level 12 and strata subdivision

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Hornsby Shire Council, reference DA/416/2020)


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  1. Carolyn Cannings commented

    228-234 Pacific Highway, Hornsby
    My concern is for adequate parking at this proposed 12-storey building. Each of the uses would have a reasonable volume of traffic with employees, customers and residents. Will some of these people use the Westfield car park? This corner is already very busy during the day with shoppers, school attendees and general through traffic. The entry to the premises, presumably from Edgeworth David Avenue, would be very close to the traffic lights which would make access and egress difficult. The plan specifies a residential care facility at levels 3-11, this would require extra provision for emergency vehicles such as ambulance. I will be very interested to read the documents when they are available.

  2. Kathy W commented

    Agree with all of Carolyn's comments above and likewise would be interested in the details of this proposed development. This combined with the proposed cut back of street parking for bus lane along Pacific Highway from the Edgeworth David Corner means there will be more cars about and less parking than ever - especially given Centrelink has no parking and expects everyone to catch the train.

  3. John Way commented

    They used to be available online on this very site..but corrupt lnp got wind of this and changed the rules...

  4. Peter Dickson commented

    There is a distinct lack of information regarding this proposal on Council's web site. It's not even clear on what basis a decision is to be made. I agree with the comments relating to parking, but it's good to see a use for the site being proposed. It has been an eyesore for many years.
    Council should require a site owner to either proceed with a development or remediate a site as a public park until the site's plans are approved for development. There are other vacant sites in this council area that are becoming eyesores as well.

  5. Kathy W commented

    After reading the comments of Carolyn, John and Peter above, I want to add to my earlier comments.

    Does Council really expect us to be able to provide any sensible objection without detail of what is proposed? I did not realise they were not submitting the same detail as they did in the past - as in transparency!!!!!

    As for the parking issue - had another thought given the comments above. In the past Councillors have responded to my objections re parking in light of the proximity to the train station but do not take into account the elderly, those with disabilities, those that need to work and pick up school children before/after work. There has been a very small increase in station parking and the approval of the Centrelink office without the provision of parking was ridiculous.

    In addition. Councillors and JRPP keep on approving more residential developments without the provision of park or playground areas for the residents - many having children without anywhere to play closely. The area of Pound Road precinct a perfect example of there being a small green area between buildings with a central pathway preventing any real play areas. The park further down Pretoria Parade is old and needs an upgrade. The Waitara high rise area has at least taken that into account with central large park and playground areas and the upgrade to the Waitara Oval including a large playground and recreation areas. The residents of this area of Pacific Highway between Barker and the station have nothing! The idea of remediating it to being a park is a great idea of Peter above.

  6. Craig Schwartz commented

    Vote against Liberal in the next local state and federal elections. Vote Sustainable Australia Party and see things change. They have great ideas on planning, including citizen panels with rotating community representatives as in Germany and windfall gains from planning changes being 90% taxed. Get rid of the corruption. They will get the planning staff at council cleaned of poor decision makers and remove the biased "independent" planning experts who benefit from development everywhere. No development they get no work.

    You'll never read about them in the newspapers who get most of their income from real estate advertising, it needs to come from the grass roots.

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