17-41 Dillon Road, Morayfield QLD 4506

Material Change of Use - Preliminary Approval for Adult Store, Bar, Caretakers Accommodation, Car Wash, Child Care Centre, Club, Community Care Centre, Community Residence, Community Use, Dual Occupancy, Dwelling House, Dwelling Unit, Educational Establishment, Emergency Services, Food and Drink Outlet, Function Facility, Funeral Parlour, Garden Centre, Hardware and Trade Supplies, Health Care Services, Home Based Business, Hospital, Hotel, Indoor Sport and Recreation, Low Impact Industry, Market, Multiple Dwelling, Office, Parking Station, Place of Worship, Research and Technology Industry, Relocatable Home Park, Residential Care Facility, Retirement Facility, Rooming Accommodation, Sales Office, Service Industry, Shop, Shopping Centre, Short Term Accommodation, Showroom, Telecommunications Facility, Theatre and Veterinary Services and Variation to the Planning Scheme to include the land in the General Residential Zone - Next Generation Neighbourhood Precinct, Centre Zone - District Centre Precinct and the Environmental Management & Conservation Zone with amendments also to the Flood Hazard, Environmental Areas (MSES layer), Community Activities and Neighbourhood Hubs, and Walking Distance (Centre) Overlay Maps.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council, reference 2020/40859/V2L)


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  1. Barbara Noonan commented

    Hi I am concerned you are robbing people of a way of life. The reason my family moved to this area was because it was rural now your allowing all this expansion and over flow of housing. How is this fair for the ones that bought property in this area for a way of life. This is a disgrace and discrimination against the ones effected by this move.

  2. Kylie Chant commented

    I would like to make an objection to this application. I live in Ward Drive, which is close to the conservation park and is very close to this development being applied for. We moved to this area for the peace and quite and were happy that the council plan was restricting development in our area. I don't mind if people want to develop their properties into rural sized blocks of at least one acre so that the area still has the rural residential appeal, that people who live here enjoy. I think building 1700 residential houses and another retail precinct is absurd. There is already a new Coles opening on Oakey Flat Road in Narangba, and another application for a significant sized retail precint on Oakey Flat and Clark Roads in Morayfield. There is already two Woolworths, two Aldi and one Coles supermarket in Morayfield, and the Supercentre in Morayfield is practically around the corner from the one that is pending application on the corner of Oakey Flat and Clark Road. The roads in these areas are not designed for this increase in traffic. Oakey Flat road is one lane each way, with no traffic lights anywhere on that road. It is going to cause a significant amount of extra traffic congestion with this increased number of residential housing. There is already a major estate being built on Walkers road, and one near Peterson road. I would hope Council really re-considers this application and at least limits the land sizes to a minimum of 4000 square blocks. I don't appreciate living in a rural residential zoned area and next generation neighbourhood housing being buillt within a 2km distance from where I live. I also hope that Council considers the environmental impact on this sort of development. This is five blocks of more than 40acres each and is going to significantly impact the flora and fauna in the area, which is already competing for very limited green space. The plans shown on this application have very limited green space for enironmental conservation.

  3. Karyn Swindells commented

    I 100% agree with the above comments. When we first moved here 24yrs ago this area was zoned rural. It then got rezoned (without any input from current residents) to rural residential, and you now want us to be swamped with ridiculously small blocks that will overcrowd an unprepared area at the expense of current rate payers lifestyles and our wildlife. And to kick us while we’re down, the ridiculously unfair to build a giant road through our rural properties to deal with the new influx of residents. If this is not a slap in the face for your current rate payers then I don’t know what is. This whole council needs to be thrown out and some constituents who actually have some decent values that DON’T include money grabbing and self interest, replace them. Growth in areas is inevitable, but you need to keep the integrity of our ‘rural’ area and keep development to decent sized blocks that are both compatible with current rural house blocks (ie, 3/4 to 2 acre blocks) and the environment we cherish.

  4. Stephen Pooler commented

    I am against this type of development. People living in the area now live here for the lifestyle i.e. semi rural lifestyle and this type of high density housing is not what the area needs because of the negative impact it would cause.

  5. C Frakes commented

    I am completely object to this application. We moved here because it was rural residential and for the quality of life. With this plan there will be a very significant increase in traffic on roads that are already extremely busy due to all of the new subdivisions in the area. We have all seen that the infrastructure that is promised is never delivered, and the area becomes more and more congested. Having numerous small lots backing up to our properties will greatly impact on our quality of life and ruin the whole reason for moving here. It will be a sad day when we no longer have all the wildlife at our backdoor and high density housing surrounding us. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. I can't see anything special about this application to indicate that it will not be the same old development that crams in the houses and people with no concern for quality of life or the appeal of rural living. No effort has been made to maintain a rural residential lifestyle. This new council has an opportunity to stop the 'old' style of development and start fixing the errors of past councils. Please do not approve this application.

  6. Steven Craft commented

    No thanks the traffic is bad enough now, idiots racing around.

  7. Shayne commented

    I note that the 2 lots fronting Oakey flat rd are 70% environmental habitat on the current MBRC Planning Scheme mapping.
    Is is currently noted that you declined a material change of use for subdivision at 511 Oakey flat rd, 5 lots to the north.
    It is also noted that there were only 3-5 trees needed to be removed for this subdivision.
    Why would you let this subdivision go ahead with the removal of 1000 trees when it is only a few doors up.
    One would think that there would be major inconsistencies in the mbrc planning department and questions would have to be asked?

  8. Tracey commented

    I whole heartedly agree with all of the above comments, i also moved into this area for our rural lifestyle including beautiful green space and stunning and precious wildlife.
    It is disheartening seeing it all bulldozed away.

    I am very concerned about the amount of urban living developments that are happening in Moreton Bay, cramming countless tiny homes into these once peaceful rural areas.
    Road congestion would be a massive headache in these areas.
    I also want to make note that alot of these tiny blocks and homes are vacant and not selling because so many people do not want the lifestyle of living on top or in the same home ( duplex) as their neighbour.but feel any other options are taken away from.them as this seems to be all the developers are building and council is letting this happen.

    Seriously do we need anymore supermarkets or petrol stations, McDonalds as it stands,. residents only need to travel 5 minutes to get to these amenities.

    Please consider your current Moreton Bay residents/ rate payers and listen when we speak.


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