27 Driscolls Road Kealba, VIC

Application for approval of a revised development plan for the former Kealba secondary college site pursuant to development plan overlay schedule 17

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 26 days ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Brimbank City Council, reference P485/2019)


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  1. Emma Gwillim commented

    The community of Kealba are not against development, we have always welcomed a development on the Driscolls road site. We welcome developments that doesn’t ruin and sacrifice the character and amenity for density. Good quality development is achievable but never at the expense of amenity and massive disruption to our small community.
    Single parents families and the elderly need to downsize but this is amendment still doesn't reflect diversity of dwelling types. Its simply designed to maximise the amount of dwellings they can fit.

    They have reduced the number of dwelling slightly but increased the number of bedrooms overall. 5 bedrooms in a property that size is just unrealistic as to how they will control the parking and the traffic. We already have residents of Driscolls road parking overnight jn the carpark attached to the milk bar and childcare centre because of lack of parking on the street.
    This development plan doesn't have details about the dweling typs and how many stories. A significant number of these dwellings have 5 bedrooms and only a single car garage. They are drawn to have a carport also which range from 5mtrs up to 5.4mts either way the average family vehicle or small SUV will overhang to the footpath blocking access for pedestrians.

    The residents will likely be parking on the street. Chocking traffic management issues will destroy the already gridlocked driscolls and stenson thoroughfares forcing more traffic onto narrow back street shortcuts. This development plan is misguided because it is allowing for 2 vehicles off street when in reality this isnt the case.

    The flow on of all this traffic and parking congestion is emergency access. What clearance needed for fire trucks to get access. The reality is with a landfill so close by if something were to happen how would people get out ??? They cant rule out another incident. The fire burning at the Barro Kealba site is proof enough. This development plan doesn't adequately detail emergency access and waste management.

  2. Roy Cameron commented

    Kealba is no where near a station and the developers continue to supply inadequate parking for the 3 or 4 vehicles from each residence. Especially when many residents have work vehicles.

  3. Julie Cefai commented

    Please consider lodging an objection to Permit P485/2019.

    It doesn’t take long to do. If you can’t be bothered typing up your objections, feel free to copy and paste:

    * too many dwellings for existing structure to support
    * not enough space allocated for off street parking - will clog streets within the development and on surrounding streets already full of parked cars
    * dwellings too close to neighbouring primary school.
    * roads likely too narrow to allow access to emergency services and rubbish disposal
    * not consistent in character with surrounding area

    Kealba residents band together once again to stop this plan from going ahead.

  4. Ayden Shaw commented

    To see an increase in bedrooms indicates that the developer did not take any feedback on last time

    This proposal is outlandish and will completely destroy the integrity of the suburb and community, the disruption will be ongoing- there is a lot of other locations that are high growth- Kealba should not be one of them

  5. Dianne Cappelli commented

    I agree with my fellow residents, that this planning submission is not welcome, and does not align with existing structures in Kealba. In fact, the more I read this, the more I believe this will become an eyesore to the area.
    1) The number of dwellings is excessive.
    2) The number of dwellings versus number of on site car parks for residents and visitors is out of proportion, meaning there will be more cars on the streets, (likely in front of existing residents houses?!)
    3) The roads needing to be built for this establishment are too narrow to allow access to emergency services and rubbish disposal.

    This submission has only one thing in mind, to maximize $$$ value to developers. It doesn't belong here and Kealba will become too densely populated for such a small quiet suburb.

    I reject this amendment to the planning submission, and expect the people and council of Brimbank to do the same.

  6. Tina argy commented

    With the development, my kids at the school won't feel safe. How about building a high school as a suggestion

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