478 Flinders Pde Brighton QLD 4017


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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 26 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Brisbane City Council, reference A005448597)


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  1. TERESA DOW commented

    This property should not be demolished it is in a heritage and character listed area, and all properties should be protected under this act, this does not mean that tastful renovation keeping the apeal to fit in with the rest of Flinders pde, as we all know down here the same proplem lies with the council plan for Sandgate shopping district as well, demolish and rebuild. Just Like many other renovations going on in the area, these should enhance and protect the past with character. Not knowing the personal history of this property, maybe this should be looked in to first before making a decision that may remove it, and never get it back. This property could be lifted and build on to with out losing it's old world charm and history..

  2. Debra Yesberg commented

    This property should not be demolished a renovation in keeping with the build and character of the property should be approved only. There is too much interference happing to character housing in this area and will take away the charm that is an outstanding asset to the area to the detriment of the vacinity.

  3. Kyle commented

    If it's passed the point of a safe and economically viable renovation, then demolish it. The council has many rules and requirements for waterfront properties to maintain the suburbs seaside heritage character. Just rebuild in this character. It will be safer and cheaper in the long haul (both environmentally and materialistically) for the occupants and community. The property has been up for sale for years, and is an absolute eye sore.

  4. Anna commented

    So many of the new builds along Flinders look like they don't belong in Sandgate. The whole feeling of the area lessens with each new "artistic" connotation of what is the norm for a house in a beachside residence. This isn't Bondi, the Gold Coast or even the Sunshine Coast. It's a little suburb lucky enough to have a beach attached. I am all for renovating, updating materials etc to keep the houses liveable and homely. This house could be made more beautiful with giving it a lift on to a newer base, perhaps adding an extension, and by all means a new paint job. Not everything needs to be stuccoed, ploughed under, or replaced with concrete.

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