2 Bullecourt Avenue, Milperra NSW 2214

2 lot Torrens title subdivision

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 26 days ago. It was received by them 19 days earlier.

(Source: Canterbury-Bankstown Council, reference DA-350/2020)


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  1. Michael Mulvihill commented

    I am a local resident who has lived in Milperra since 1990. What used to be a nice quiet fringe suburb bordered by a river to the west and an airport to the north, has, over time like the rest of Sydney been choked by unwanted developments. Whilst the M5 has improved access and travel times for residents of the south west it has also brought with it large numbers of heavy vehicles, which both pass through Milperra (via HLD) and come into Milperra Industrial Area. This proposed development fronts and I believe has its main vehicle access opening onto Bullecourt Ave - which in both the morning and afternoon peak is at a standstill. How much traffic will over 400 new dwellings "push" onto this road daily ? let alone in the peak. I attended the "open" day staged by Mirvac and was dismayed to see the sheer density of the proposed development in an area already choked and miles from a railway station. The current site is occupied by the a University, whom I believe was granted the land way back on the condition it be used for education. Has that condition been lifted ? Can the land be given to a developer whose only intention, lets face it, is to make money for themselves. Hiding behind the façade of "creating a vibrant local community" is lip service and insults the intelligence of the existing local community who during the "open days" clearly made their opposition to the development know. Additionally what happens to all the trees on the site? Over the years I personaly have had difficulty with Council in getting dead or dangerous trees removed, how is it that a development like this can remove literally hundreds of established trees. What about drainage on the southern end of the site bordering the M5, will the development require fill down there to comply with storm water issues, and if so will that fill raise the site above the level of existing residents on Ashford Avenue?. I could go on with a raft of concerns re the design/construction/positioning/noise/traffic volume/lack of public transport/stormwater/access to-from and tree destruction associated with this proposal. The simple fact of the matter is that locals do not want this development. The site borders an industrial area which over time has moved from a manufacturing base to a transport and warehousing base. With the proposed widening of HLD from the M5 to Milperra road we are going to see more and more heavy vehicles in the area, most going straight pass this development to access the industrial area around Horsley Road. If the project goes ahead the construction phase will be a nightmare - how many tippers will be coming into and out of the area ? It's time to stop listening to developers who only real consideration is making a profit for themselves. It's time to listen to the locals - we live here and will still be here long after the developer has moved onto its next money making project.

  2. D.simpson commented

    I agree completely with michael mulvihill everything he has stated is correct. Council has not listen to residents regarding the over development in this area .traffic is the problem so dangerous, bottle necks Horsley road , bullecourt ,Ashford and Henry Lawson drive . With the amount of trucks pouring on these roads it will only lead to dangerous conditions for all residents let alone the pollution it will bring . Unfortunately this council has let down all residents in this once safe quiet suburb , over 100 years old and established for our very brave young men who gave so much it’s not only wrong but very sad to think it’s all for greed .

  3. D simpson commented

    More traffic in Milperra !!round about Ashford and Bullecourt comes to a stand still most morning and afternoons so dangerous . The residents in Milperra are not listened to by council , this development on university grounds so unsuitable for this already congested area .very disappointing to see this once quiet, safe family area become so over developed we have council to thank for that !!

  4. Jackie Coleman commented

    A resident of Milperra for over 40 years and this will change the face of our suburb forever and NOT for the better. Another development is NOT what Milperra needs - we have Riverlands which will see our suburb grow - What Milperra residents and families NEED is a Co-Ed High School and this site is perfect. The UWS site was ALWAYS to be used for the purpose of Education and we are in desperate need of a local High School because of our growth. As a mother of 2 I can NOT send my sons to an in area Co-Ed High School because we don't have one. In the year 2020 my only options are either to pay for private education or send them to the single sex High School East Hills Boys which is crazy. This may have been a preferred option to educate kids back in the 1970s but it is not what residents prefer today. The UWS site must remain as a place for education as it was always intended. Apart from a lack of access to a Co-Ed High School, residents simply don't want a high density (gated) development in our suburb that is already under stress from traffic, storm water issues, choked roads to/from M5, lack of public transport and infrastructure and this is what was advised to Mirvac at the "open" day. Many residents felt that this was a 'show only' and the simple fact is that locals do not want this development. Please listen to the people and not just look at the profits.

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