63 West Pde West Ryde NSW 2114

Proposed 6-11 storey 3 residential flat building comprising of 150 dwelling units including social housing component over 3 basement level car parking to accommodate 171 cars

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Ryde, reference LDA2020/0133)


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  1. Honey Davies commented

    There is limited parking as it is for station users. Definitely oppose this development. Not needed and not wanted. The creation of unit slum areas only detracts from the areas uniqueness. No, no, no... Look what is happening in Chatswood... this is not the look wanted... dark streets where the sun never reaches.

  2. Dorothy Rogers commented

    Our area is already overdeveloped, look at what has been allowed at Meadowbank. There is no green space.

  3. Gabriel Lawrence commented

    I strongly recommend the City of Ryde buy this property for the community. It will make and ideal park and community garden. More and more people are making their home in West Ryde yet there is less and less relative green space to population increase. This is land use to maintain the people’s physical and social wellbeing. Enough cities have got it wrong. We can choose to help fashion a built environment of quality in West Ryde for its citizens to thrive.

  4. EJ Latimer commented

    This is an overdevelopment that exceeds height for the area, will impact local traffic and will cause loss of amenity if it goes ahead.

    The local residential height is 6 storeys. This development is a proposed 6 to 11 storeys: clearly outside what is accepted by the community.

    Local traffic is already congested with West Parade used to access Victoria Road and local shopping. The increase in on-street parking and an increase in traffic associated with this development , despite the requirement for dedicated parking, will cause further major local traffic congestion.

    Traffic in this area has been poorly planned and will be worse, should the proposal come into effect without amendment.

    Overshadowing for other residential properties on West Parade will be an issue with 3 eleven storey apartment blocks on site. The development height must be reduced.

    The proposal does not permit landscaped open space for intended residents. The apartment blocks abutt a noisy railway line and, without good design, the propsed apartment blocks will result in substandard living conditions, a loss of privacy through overlooking other properties thereby destroying the amenity currently achieved for the local community.

  5. J H commented

    Before this development is considered, please address the traffic congestion in the area

  6. SS commented

    We should consider redeveloping existing apartment blocks rather than using up green space and increasing congestion.

  7. Smak commented

    Agree with SS. Council should implement some sort of green space tax on developments, for removing green space, including on the size of the front and backyard if it is an existing home.

    That would be a disincentive if high enough to factor into the developer's budget.

    Right now I guess it is not financially attractive to redevelop aging blocks.

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