158-160 Abercrombie Street Redfern NSW 2016

Use public footway on Abercrombie Street for outdoor seating in association with the licenced ‘Eveleigh Hotel’ (9.3 square metres of area used). Proposed hours of use are 10.00am – 10.00pm, Monday to Saturday (inclusive) and 10.00am – 9.00pm Sunday (renewal of previously approved application).

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference FA/2020/29)


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  1. Brendan Delahunty commented

    Fully support this proposal. This is a great little neighborhood bar and eatery that complies with existing outdoor seating requirements and should be supported.

  2. Paul Webb commented

    What a terrific idea. Wonderful location with terrific meals .

  3. Jane Kosol commented

    Great locals bar. Outdoor seating wonderful location should be supported for local friends.

  4. Bonish Basnet commented

    Great friendly atmosphere, Great cold beer and excellent food , Good Service, nice pool table and a lot of events.

  5. Paul Ducco commented

    Absolutely necessary. This is such a wonderful hub for this awesome pocket of Redfern. Having more active seating along the street can only be a good thing for the atmosphere and area— particularly given the current, strict adherence to requirements.

  6. Jasper Craig-Adams commented

    I fully support this proposal. The outdoor seating provides an otherwise scarce evening social spot for local dog owners.
    It also provides safer open air space for the bar to operate in adherence with continuing social distancing laws once it opens.
    Finally it contributes to the sociability and vibrancy of the local streets (aspects that should be nurtured, not harmed).

  7. Danny Sales commented

    A superb venue with fantastic food and ultra family friendly atmosphere. Wish there were more venues across Sydney like this gem. A wonderful idea that my family and I fully support

  8. Stephen Cannings commented

    A pokies-free pub with no TVs. Tick! A great pub and the street seating has worked well creating a community 'vibe' without the use of neon lights and garish signs.

  9. Emma Carney commented

    I totally support having outdoor seating. The Everleigh brings so much community to the neighborhood and creates a beautiful culture in the local area. I absolutely loved living on the street and getting to know my neighbors and fellow locals here, sitting outside in the sunshine and sharing a beer/chat on the weekend was so much fun. I've never lived in a friendlier neighborhood and i'm convinced its due to the close proximity of the pub/coffee shop and dog park. Having the ability to sit outside and chat to neighbors passing by at the end of a long day was an extremely positive experience.

  10. James Barrie commented

    Fantastic local bar. Wonderful place for food and drinks. The addition of the side street makes sense for all who drink there and those in the local area just for the ambiance. 100% support this.

  11. Matt Bronger commented

    Incredible local bar with great ambiance. Great food and drinks. 100% support this plan. We often visit with friends when we are in the area.

  12. Steve Davis commented

    I believe this would benefit the local community greatly. The pub is a wonderful meeting place and to bring this outdoors to enjoy our weather would be a bonus. Beer and food is fantastic.

  13. Jes Colbourne commented

    I used to live not far from this pub and have been there many times. This place is a great place for friends and family to gather for beautiful foods, good event such as trivia night, soft music or even book to have your own function. They don’t have gaming room here so people are actually coming here to enjoy each other’s company!
    Moreover, the seating area outdoor is the best part for lunch and afternoon relaxation. You get to say hi and chat to the local neighborhood that is more than happy to tell story and history of the area. Such a wonderful experience and hope to see this place continue to have the opportunity to welcome and provide these wonderful service for many more years to come.

  14. Ian Harrowell commented

    The Eveleigh is one of our favourite and regular places for lunch. One of the quietest and more relaxing places to have a quiet beer with friends. Particularly love the alfresco setup, shade in summer, warm sun in winter. One of my reasons for attending this place is i have never seen any drunk or disorderly behavior. Great place to relax and have a laugh.

  15. Andy Collins commented

    I very much support having the outdoor seating at the Everleigh! My friends and I book a table there every Friday lunchtime for quiet drink and a wonderful lunch! It’s just such a great venue for those of us who don’t like loud, pokie filled pubs.
    Everyone there are so nice, staff and patrons alike. It’s rare to find a quaint community pub like it.
    Again, I totally support this proposal.

  16. Steve Cooper commented

    The Eveleigh is such an icon in the Chippendale/Redfern community. Our crew love lunching and socialising there and I love the relaxed atmosphere! Expanding the outdoor seating area would only serve to enhance the vibe and make the pub an even better venue!
    I sincerely hope this development plan meets with approval as it’s a fantastic idea and gives so much more amenity to the establishment.


  17. Pakawat Pupatwibul commented

    The Eveleigh is my favourite local pub. Great place to enjoy the food and drinks with your family and friends. The relaxed ambience of the bar is fantastic and the outdoor seating will absolutely create more good vibes. Staff are very friendly, excellent service. I fully support this.

  18. Jack Lincoln commented

    The Eveleigh is a pillar of the community, bringing together people from the neighbouring suburbs of Redfern, Darlington, Eveleigh, Chippendale and Newtown together in a relaxed, non violent location. Local dog owners will love this new seating arrangement as it will allow them to enjoy a meal whilst out with their dogs and being on a quieter side should not impact local residents. The community will love this edition to an already great pub.

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