373 Diagonal Rd, Sturt 5047 SA

Construction of an integrated service station complex comprising a petrol filling station and shop, associated control building, freestanding canopy with 12 pumps, carwash including four manual bays, two automatic bays, three covered vacuum bays with dog wash, drive-through, three x 100,000 litre fuel tanks, 2 pylon sign and advertising signage with ancillary car parking and landscaping

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Marion, reference 7.2020.568.1)


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  1. Jennifer Ashfield commented

    I have reservations about a service station being built at this address. There are some not far around the corner on South Road and one on Seacombe Road. What happens to the land when the service station closes like the one that opened briefly on the corner of Springbank and Ayliffes Road? The increase in vehicle traffic to an area that has a large amount of school foot traffic is also undesirable as well as late night trading that could encourage some increase in undesirable activity. Please really consider the affect this could have on the neighbouring houses as well as small businesses.

  2. Kerry Hazel commented

    The traffic around this location is already horrendous for residents. The large amount of subdivides off of these 2 roads in recent years has seen the traffic increase to dangerous levels with many near miss crashes. There are so many servos near this area it is not needed here and someone is reaching to suggest this fits in with the development plan. It simply does not! Stick to the plan and approve a suitable development for the location.

  3. alain Hamam commented

    Who is the new owner please don't tell me anothe OTR

  4. Kym Growden commented

    Theres already 2 service stations at Darlington (think there used to be 3) around the corner and one on Seacombe Road & at Brighton not far away & on Marion Road at Mitchell park theres 3. Diagonal Road is very busy & i can see this being a problem accident wise as well as Miller Street. If i lived near here i would be very angry with the extra traffic & noise it will create. I live not far from here & surely it can be designated for another purpose other than another service station.

  5. Dianne Jarrett commented

    There is no 'need' by the community for a further petrol station. If the Council looks locally, they will see there is already one on Seacombe Rd, two on South Rd, one on Sturt Rd, and three on Marion Rd all very close proximity to this site.
    The split in the road, road traffic crossing the 'Y' junction is enough at the moment, putting in this eyesore is not required. If its services were required, it would be a different matter.
    We are also covered very nicely in the area for shops and car washes and dog washes too.
    There is no need for this.

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