93 Logan Rd Woolloongabba QLD 4102

Hotel, Demolition

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 17 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Brisbane City Council, reference A005417257)


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  1. B Cavanagh commented

    Hello and thank you for the opportunity to have my say about this important historical site. Brisbane doesn't have the best track record for looking after our historical building. Out of all the cities in Australia (and I travel regularly) it is clear to me that Brisbane has fewer remaining old and special building pr capita in the country. This particular building (though badly burnt) has so much character and individual style still remaining and is, in my opinion, able to be repaired to a level that would give Brisbane back at least one of it's special historical sites. In conclusion, it is rare, it is able to be rehabilitated , and it is of significant value on multiple levels. Please do not let us lose another special building. Our future is in your hands Thank you

  2. Daryll Bellingham commented

    The hotel should be repaired and restored to its previous heritage value rather than demolished. This is one of Brisbane's remaining old pubs with character and a very distinctive design. It is obviously possible to renovate old hotels in sympathetic ways and still be commercially successful. Brewhouse Brisbane on the corner of Stanley St and Annerley Rd, South Brisbane is a good example as is the old Red Brick on Stephens Rd and Annerley Rd.

  3. MBloomfield commented

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment. This building is located in a prominent location adjacent to a busy intersection, bordering a light industrial area with limited parking. It is disrepair and a blight on the local neighbourhood. In my opinion, the location of the building is not suited to a "hotel/leisure/entertainment" precinct in that location. Additionally, the building appears to be constructed from a lightweight material of questionable heritage value. I would strongly oppose the redevelopment of this building in its current form and use at this location.

  4. Russell Philllips commented

    Brisbane needs to keep this unique and historic landmark.

    Much of our historical heritage has already been lost and with so few examples remaining this beauty deserves a future.

    It was a central point & is but a small glimpse of what was our urban culture in this area.

    Please do not allow apathy to deprive us & our future generations of that.

  5. Cassandra Schultz commented

    As a long term resident of the area, It saddens me greatly to see that this rare and precious heritage building is under threat. I was previously a resident of Melbourne before moving to Woolloongabba over 20 years ago. My first thoughts upon arrival was to be pleased at the beauty of the Queenslander style houses, but surprise at the lack of larger heritage buildings. Melbourne has a number of beautiful and significant buildings in the city, including several grand old theatres and beautiful pubs and hotels.
    I had the pleasure of working on the exhibition The Ipswich House, at the Ipswich Art Gallery, and in doing so, visited a number of beautiful houses in that city. I learned that the vernacular of the Queenslander was developed there and in Brisbane, and that a number of architects lived in Ipswich. The exhibition attracted a great deal of attention, including a feature on the national TV show, Statewide. This building is a rare treasure anywhere, let alone in Brisbane. It was also a community hub, I often wandered up to have a coffee on the weekend, especially when it had markets outside. I had meals and drinks there and met with my neighbours.
    This Heritage belongs to everyone, not just the individuals who purchased the building and consider it to be a financial asset only.
    I strongly oppose the demolition of this hotel. Let it remain as a reminder of the lives, history and people who came before.

  6. russell greet commented

    Much of Brisbane's character is seen in it's streetscapes, landmarks like this need to be preserved to save us from becoming an anonymous conglomeration of concrete and glass

  7. Jason Lehman commented

    I strongly feel that preservation of our iconic buildings & historically significant spaces is one of the most potent ways that we can powerfully retain & effectively expand our sense of cultural identity, while additionally retaining greater aesthetic & diverse cultural textures within our urban environments. The loss of this icon feels to me like it would be an absolutely devastating blow to our capacity & potential to uphold our already somewhat thin cultural perspective & identity.

    Please consider solidly protecting & preserving this significant building, & encourage the integration of it’s beauty into our already excessively concrete jungle.

    In good faith

  8. George Long commented

    This is a historic building and needs simply to be restored and preserved. It does not need to be restored as a hotel/pub - it could be lots if things - and museum, an art centre, a gallery. These would be in keeping with current developments and growth of a rundown suburb which is on the up

  9. Narelle McCoy commented

    It is essential to preserve this historic building from demolition. So much of Brisbane's large-scale heritage buildings have been lost, due to fires and development. Compared to Sydney and Melbourne, we sadly lag behind in recognising the value of these irreplaceable sites. Rather than adding another anonymous building, the Broadway needs to be restored to its original grandeur so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. Our heritage sites should be treasured and held in trust. Please take this into consideration when making your decision.

  10. Anthony Carmody commented

    I understand the city council will be very keen to get some revenue from this potentially lucrative commercial land. I also understand that very few property developers have the vision to invest in a building such as this, in need of significant repair and refurbishment. It is however important to remember that Brisbane has very few significant architectural buildings left. And that the significance and importance of local pubs and hotels comes and goes with community trends. If the Brisbane city council supports the demolition of this building it can never be replaced. The design that would be likely put in place of this building is statistically unlikely to retain architectural significance outside of a short period, it will not provide anything other than a short period of commercial gain to the council, owner and operators. There is also a high chance that it may not be a commercial success with a growing trend towards ordering food online. If the current property owner cannot, or will not refurbish this building it should be returned to the community.

  11. Annie pope commented

    You’ve got to be kidding? Make an example out of these ruthless, money hungry cretins BCC. Once it’s gone, it’s gone and we’ve already lost so much. Please save!!!

  12. Billy Shannon commented

    I feel that it is appalling that the developers have tried to sneak through this application whilst everyone is distracted with coronavirus, and their timing seems to demonstrate the fact that they are aware of it being against public desire and best interest.

    The Broadway Hotel is a beautiful, unique building and Brisbane has lost far too much of it's heritage to greed and short sightedness. It really ought to be restored.

    Here is a perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate that the "Brisbane City Council is committed to conserving our unique cultural heritage - from grand buildings in the CBD to schools, churches, factories and dwellings in our city’s suburbs." as quoted from the BCC webpage entitled Heritage Incentives Scheme. https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/planning-and-building/do-i-need-approval/restoring-and-researching-heritage-properties/heritage-incentives-scheme

    Many Thanks

  13. Katrina Devery commented

    Let's not lose another heritage building here in Brisbane. We have already lost way too many beautiful buildings. I am so over greed destroying what is beautiful in this world. Now more than ever we need beauty.

  14. Sharon McKenzie commented

    Its disgusting that this application is taking place when the owners obviously think people are highly distracted by the current virus situation. This building should be preserved, it is of heritage value which has been confirmed by several authorities in Brisbane.

    This building in particular should be preserved as a reminder to owners who are looking to destroy buildings through neglect. It was the neglect of this building that has led to its current state. Brisbane City Council has an opportunity to show their commitment to preserving heritage as stated in their "Heritage incentives" webpage.

    We need to preserve this building for future generations rather than add yet another piece of architectural history to the list of buildings already lost.

  15. Frank MacGill commented

    If council allows this building to be demolished, what is to stop other developers from copying this modus operandi? Expect more fires, and more demolitions.

  16. Frank Avalos commented

    The Brisbane City Council is influenced too much by developers who do not care about community,they only care about how much money they can make, the developers philosophy is you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours ??

  17. Tatiana Netchpai commented

    This building should be preserved for future generations to marvel at its beauty and also to see that the Brisbane City Council has acknowledged its uniqueness and has done its utmost to preserve it.

  18. W Brock commented

    Once upon a time this was a remarkable and eye catching building.
    However, it has now been through 3 separate fires and has become more of a public hazard and eyesore.
    It is clearly not viable to restore to its original state and should be demolished so that better use can be made of the land.

  19. Kim Reidy commented

    This historic building needs to be restored and preserved. Its in an ideal position to be a community hub, not necessarily a hotel.
    Historic buildings like this one should be an integral part of our community as they provide the roots for a growing community tree.

  20. Kit McGuren commented

    Please protect this important cultural landmark and do not allow it to be destroyed. It's so important to our community.

  21. Joshua Richardson commented

    The Broadway is a distinctive and historic part of Woolloongabba. Futher, if it was restored it would act as focal point for the Gabba’s street life.

    We don’t need any more towers.

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