50 Botany Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Replacement of existing Telstra tower and installation of a new monopole and ancillary equipment for telecommunication facility

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 17 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-79/2020)


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  1. Melissa commented

    The current maximum EME level calculated for the existing site is 1.96% and the proposed EME level will greatly increase to 3.77%. Furthermore, I note in the Statement of Environmental Effects report at 2.4 ' ... [t]he existing lattice tower is nearing the end of its functional life and has become structurally unsafe.' Given the significant increase in the EME levels and the existing structure being unsafe, perhaps an alternative site away from residential properties, schools, childcare centres and hospitals could be an option for consideration. I object to the new proposed structure based on the significant increased EME levels.

  2. A Kinane commented

    I recognise that the telecommunications tower needs to be updated. However, the proposed EME levels and public exposure to these levels are a matter of real concern. People living within 100-200 metres of the tower will be exposed to EME levels of 3.77% when the current maximum EME level is 1.96%, so almost double the current EME max. levels. People living within 200-300 metres away will be exposed to 2.92% and even those living 300-400 metres away will be exposed to EME levels of 1.33%. I note that there has been an assessment of the impact of the increased EME levels on 5 schools in the area. However, there are a large number of properties and businesses in this area which will be negatively impacted by increased and unsafe EME levels.
    I note too that the proposed structure will facilitate the new 5G technology. A number of countries including Switzerland and Israel have a current moratorium on 5G technology due to human safety concerns. it would be appropriate to consult people on any proposed implementation given the increasing concerns in this area.
    I object to the new proposed structure based on the significant increased EME levels and request Council consults with all Waverley people on any proposed implementation of 5G technology..

  3. Jennifer Jungheim commented

    I share the above concerns, and feel that if there is any doubt about the safety of 5G, it should be properly investigated; and also request that Council consults with Waverley residents on any proposed implementation of 5G technology.

  4. Lisa Shepherd commented

    I completely share the above concerns and object to this proposal.

  5. Lydia Santoso commented

    I agree with the above concerns and object to this proposal

  6. LINDA AVRAMIDES commented

    With due respect I completely object to this development. Not only will a historic home be raised and destroyed for the interest of profit but they now wish to rob us of our trees. Why is this happening. Who benefits???? Why are we losing our heritage and losing medium density ending up with a high densely populated suburb??? Who is profiting from community heritage and environmental loss?

  7. L.Bray commented

    EME levels are generally provided in percentages, showing the the site's percentage of the SAFE limit for someone exposed to the site 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

    If that is correct, then the new site, bringing fantastic new 5G service to the community is producing 2.92% of the threshold for what is defined as SAFE! For someone living at the site all day, every day. So I don't think these concerns are justified. If you wrote your responses on an iPhone you probably got more exposure to radio frequency due to your proximity than you would living under the site. And let's not forget existing neighbours already experience similar EME levels from the existing tower.



    - EME increases are well within acceptable boundaries.
    - The tower is falling down and needs an upgrade.
    - 5G is awesome and goodness knows after this lockdown we need high capacity wireless internet to break us free from NBN/copper stranglehold.
    - there is an old structure, probably of little historic or aesthetic value that's going with it.

    A win, win, I assume.

  8. M Juhasz commented

    The decision should be postponed until the lockdown procedures for the COVID-19 have ended. How can there be proper community consultation during this lockdown period? Telstra have failed to notify the greater community and have only notified 30 residential properties via a mail drop. This is a form of corruption and Telstra should be ashamed for pushing this through at this time. No doubt that these matters can be ventilated in the Land and Environment Court when an injunction is sought to stop the proposal.

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