103 Bourke Road, Umina Beach NSW 2257

Removal of 1 x Eucalyptus pilularis (blackbutt) tree and 1 x Eucalyptus botryoides ( bangalay) tree, both located at the front of the property.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 024.2020.00011830.001)


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  1. Rosemary Marr commented

    If ever an area needed to keep it's remaining trees it's this. What kind of maniac would want to chop this rare piece of shade provider down? Council has to start saying NO.

  2. Lesley H commented

    Can the owners prune these two mature trees instead of demolishing them? The Peninsula has lost too many shade trees and is now rated at the hottest part of the Central Coast.

  3. Jan Deighton commented

    Please consider trimming these two trees. They offer precious shade for our overheated peninsula.

  4. Christina commented

    What!!! Are they mad? Bourke is already short in shade trees. Trim rather than demolish please. We need more natives not less.

  5. Karen commented

    I am against the removal of these native trees. The Peninsula is being denuded. The community need more trees, not fewer. It's getting hotter all the time. Please do not approve the removal of these trees.

  6. Rocky B commented

    Rearding removal of large Eucalypt at 103 Bourke rd. ive had a look at this tree and its actually a safety issue, it overhangs telegraph wires and a large portion hangs over the house which property it is located in. large Eucalypt trees are actually dangerous and pose danger to houses and cars that are too close to the tree. Large branches can breakoff at any time. Normally i wouldnt like a tree of this size to be removed but after looking at its location i think its a good idea to remove. maybe replace with norfolk island pine or a shrub?

  7. Jo Higgins commented

    Please do not allow these trees to be removed. They provide so much habitat and shade in an area that is fast becoming completely denuded of all big trees. If there is a danger, then the trees should be pruned so that there is no overhang. These are good trees, the community enjoys them, native birdlife enjoys them. I despair, there is absolutely no need.

  8. Matt commented

    No, no, no, no, no. Please stop chopping down trees!

    You can see from the Google Street images how much shade these trees provide over the street and public spaces.

    This ridiculousness needs to stop. The Community is speaking and no one is listening.


  9. Simone commented

    Do we know why the application to remove these trees was put in? When you fill in the application you need to give your reasoning.

    I'm opposed to the removal of these trees. Pruning and regular maintenance should be sufficient to maintain public safety. If you buy a property with trees on it, that's the responsibility you take on. These trees take decades to grow and provide shade, habitat, and help reduce street temperatures.

  10. Jo commented

    I'm gutted. These trees are being cut down right now.

  11. Sarah commented

    If you were the parent of a child who almost died from the branch of one of these trees, then I am sure you would have a different opinion. To all those who feel so terribly for the trees (and you should I get it) but how about you use your time to make a positive impact i.e by planting new safer varieties throughout the streets, that won’t actually kill pedestrians, maybe even get out on a weekly basis and water the trees so they don’t have heat stress. Stop whinging and start acting! Words are easy, action is what truly makes a difference!

  12. Chris commented

    If safety is an issue then what happened to prune, cut back, chop branches where needed?
    Never heard of people cutting down a tree simply because they can’t be bothered to prune.
    Shame on you.

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