2 Goodwood Street Kensington NSW 2033

Amalgamation of 3 lots, demolition of existing buildings and construction of a five story multi unit buildings with two basement and associated works

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 8 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Randwick City Council, reference DA-195/2012)

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  1. Ms Jan Nicholas commented

    I very strongly disagree to the construction of such a large scale building on this small space of land. Kokoda Memorial Park, which adjoins this proposed developmental site, is a family friendly park with sunlight from early morning until almost sunset. It is a delight to see many children play there throughout the day, but particularly after school hours where they run, cycle, and generally enjoy this beautiful, unique, green area of Kensington. This Park is highly utilised daily by all age groups.

    The proposed development will cause major overshadowing and result in a loss of sunlight by early afternoon. Users of the Park, both children and adults, will be observed by people living in the proposed development housing which will look directly on to the Park. This development will incur a major loss of privacy for park users.

    Parking in this area is a major concern. As a local resident with no access off street parking, it is now difficult to find a place to park my car, except on Sunday, when most of the shops in the area are closed. The proposed development will generate much more traffic in the area, with visitors to those proposed apartments also trying to find places to park in Goodwood and surrounding streets.

    Overdevelopment is ruining this lovely Kensington neighbourhood. As Cat Stevens would say: "where will the children play?"

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