14 Belgrave Street Bronte NSW 2024

Prune one (1) Pyrus (Ornamental Pear) on the rear, eastern side of the property. Remove and replace one (1) Pyrus (Ornamental Pear) on the rear, western side. It has a pocket of decay where a branch has failed - at this junction there are three other trunks/branches growing which is a weak point with the potential to fail.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them about 12 hours earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference TPO-57/2020)


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  1. sophie perraudin commented

    These are beautiful trees and provide much needed greenery in Dickson lane; a shame these would be cut, this will leave the area with buildings only and will definitely affect the beautiful outlook from Dickson/Belgrave or Birrell streets...

  2. Nick kolevski commented

    Devastating news! These two beautiful trees create privacy as with the trees gone we will be able to look directly into several of our neighbours living rooms and bedrooms and vide versa. The trees also create much needed greenery in the lane way where it does not exist and without them will look like a concrete jungle. The trees bring in rosella’s, cockatoos, kookaburras and all sorts of local wildlife. I hope this does not go forward as it will be a great loss for Dickson lane.

  3. Melissa Stojcevski commented

    This is so sad to see.... beautiful green trees, that provide such a beautiful ambience all year round in rain, hail and shine. Considering these trees have been here for a very very long time without any issues or concerns raised by anyone, it is confusing as to why there would be a need to have them cut down now??? They provide lovely greenery to the laneway, they provide shade in hot summer days, they bring in such beautiful birds all year round, they provide a blockout from other neighbours and pedestrians from seeing into our home. As much as this friendly neighbourhood gets along I too do not want to see inside my neighbours bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and lounge rooms. I find it very sad that should these trees be removed I would have to put all my blinds down just to feel more secure and safe in my own home. Leave the trees!

  4. Rita Sherwoo commented

    These trees are beautiful and help our wildlife survive. Please don’t cut them down. I have noticed on my walks around that too much greenery is disappearing around Bronte. Please save these two trees.

  5. stan mcdonald commented

    Camphor laurel trees are classified as noxious weeds in Victoria,New South Wales, Queensland and South Africa.The could be replaced by suitable native trees.

  6. L. Bray commented

    From the NSW Department of Primary Industry website:

    "Camphor laurel is a highly invasive evergreen tree that has a tendency to form single species communities and exclude most other desirable native vegetation."


    I wish these Planning Alerts stipulated "Noxious/Invasive" in the title where appropriate and "replaced with" so we wouldn't have to generate so much angst amongst residents.

    Good luck with the trees. I hope you can plant something native as a replacement!

  7. Lyn Brignell commented

    These trees have grown much too large and are dangerous. There have been several occasions when large branches from the trees have come down during storms. On one occasion the branch was so large the lane was completely blocked. Residents were physically unable to remove the branch and many residents with garages in the lane were prevented from using their cars until the SES could attend. During the last big storm a branch from the tree fell across the power lines and presented a serious hazard to those using the lane until it was removed by the authorities. It will be a great relief to have these trees removed as they have been a source of concern for those using the lane for a long while. These trees are not particularly old, they just grew very quickly and there are much better options to attract native birds.

  8. Heatherbelle Murray commented

    These trees are just a nuisance and a hazard, they’re the wrong trees for this space. They shed enormous amounts leaves which block our drains and flood our garages plus they have also taken down the power lines on at least a couple of occasions while also completely blocking the lane with falling branches on other occasions. I think the new owner of the property is keen to replace them with a more suitable native species that will still create the green coverage we all desire yet without the ongoing mess and danger. It would be the right decision to replace these trees before they cause further problems.

  9. Liviano L commented

    These trees are dangerous and need to be replaced with natives.
    The western tree has a serious deformity in its trunk which renders the whole tree unstable and branches likely to fall.
    The eastern tree has repetitively fallen on the electricity line that it has woven itself around. After the recent storm on 9th February a medium sized branch again fell on the wire and hovered there for over a week before it was removed by council. This branch was at a height that an adult could reach. There are numerous chain saw marks on branches at this level where council and the electrical company have had to repetitively remove branches that have fallen on the electricity wire and the lane way..
    The only birds much in the trees are a group of aggressive Minahs that chase native birds away.
    We all want a green safe neighborhood. Native trees as replacements will encourage native birds, keep the lane way green and the neighborhood safe.

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