4 Rippon Avenue Dundas NSW 2117

Development Application - Section 4.55 (1A) modification of DA/113/2018 for demolition of existing structures and the construction of a 12 room boarding house for 12 lodgers. The modification is to delete condition no. 92 which limits the rent able to be charged.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/113/2018/A)


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  1. John Carnell commented

    So lets get this right....

    The DA goes through council as a "low income" housing consent, once finished and built the owners want to bump up the rent to regular rent and not make it low income anymore.

    Its been a joke on so many levels so far and finally all the local residents get the punch line today with this "notice"

  2. Harkirat Singh commented

    Please organize a get together of all residents. It may not effect most of readers but one day this may come next door to you. Your silence is invitation to builders.

  3. Melissa commented

    This is absolutely disgusting! This application was pushed through only on the basis of it being low income housing, and for that reason alone, especially as the entire neighbourhood was against it for so many valid reasons.
    To see the 'due process' of this entire affair overridden like this is absolutely appalling!

    The residents near the other proposed boarding house at 56 Dudley St Rydalmere had better sit up and pay very close attention as it's almost guaranteed that it will happen the same way there next!

  4. Robert Pellegriti commented

    It is a LGA election year di it’s time to make a stand against this corruption . The decisions these people are making will eventually turn our lovely family area into a ghetto of crime. In the last 2 weeks , we have had cars broken into in several rydalmere streets and a baby abandoned in a car by a known ice addict in dundas . This has to stop and the only way it can stop is to stop accommodating the criminal element from residing in our area.

  5. Francis commented

    Who exactly on the council approves this? Who gives this the OK by signing the approval? A HUGE PART OF THE PROBLEM IS ANONIMITY on the part of council approvals and that is precisely why local government processes are viewed with suspicion. Remember the shenanigans at Auburn? What's changed? LGA election year is when the these people ,who supposedly represent OUR interests , surface with their pamphlets and rhetoric and then go back into their bubbles/cocoons once again to service their developer connections. And themselves and their families of course in their lovely suburb/street far from the problems they ultimately create.

  6. J. Muzzatti commented

    Yes people. Remember that 2020 is council election year. Throw out these corrupt baskets - vote for a genuine independent candidate. Someone not associated with developers, real estate agents or the "conservative " side of politics.

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