9 Tipper Avenue Bronte NSW 2024

Remove one (1) Banksia integrifolia at front northern boundary. This tree has shifted within its location and is now leaning significantly to one side putting the tree at risk of failure.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference TPO-36/2020)


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  1. Marion Burgess commented

    As an owner of a unit in the adjacent property, 5-7 Tipper Ave, I strongly support the request to remove this tree.
    The tree was clearly inappropriate for the place it has been planted years ago. Being so close to the boundary, the growth of the tree has led to significant damage to the retaining brick wall and fence and to the adjacent pathway in our property. This damage on our property is particularly noticeable since the dry period followed by heavy rain and strong winds. Cracks have appeared in our walkway and the bending in the brickwork means that our handrail is now effectively supporting the brick wall. This handrail has not been designed to provide this support and will eventually give way causing greater damage. it is also relevant that the water supply pipes for our building are in the area where the cracks are appearing and any future movement will increase the risk of damage to our water supply

  2. Nicholas Mcvay commented

    I am an owner of an apartment in the adjacent building .This tree was planted by a previous owner ten years ago with no thought given to its location and the potential damage it could do to the surrounding property.It has now caused considerable damage to the boundary wall of 9 Tipper ave and the entry and walkway of number 7 Tipper ave .The tree needs to be removed asap before somebody is injured by the collapsing wall .I suggest the tree is replaced with something more suited to the location.

  3. Barb O’Brien commented

    I am an owner at 5-7 Tipper Av and confirm that this tree is causing considerable damage to the retaining brick wall, hand rail and fence and is likely to damage the water supply pipes for our building which is located very close to this tree.While I do not like removing trees we have no option in this case.This tree needs to be removed asap and replaced with something more appropriate.Appreciate Waverly Council taking immediate action to remove this tree.Thank you

  4. Judy Brewer commented

    As an owner in Tipper Ave I support the removal of this tree which is clearly doing structural damage to the adjacent area and building. It should never have been planted in such an unsuitable and potentially dangerous place. Please Waverley Council remove this tree before further problems occur. Thank you in anticipation.

  5. Rhonda McCarthy commented

    Dear Councillors

    This Banksia is causing damage to the retaining wall and could also cause damage to our water supply as the pipe runs near the wall.

    The owners of No.9 have said they will plant another suitable tree.

    Trees are meant to add beauty not damage their surrounds.

    Rhonda McCarthy

  6. Victor Czereba commented

    Being an owner residing in the building 5-7 tipper ave i am alarmed at the rapid deterioration of the concrete stairway and it's adjacent brick wall clearly being forced by the tree in question.The brick wall has bowed like a banana and the stairway is cracking at a rate that would warrant it a life threatening hazard if left as is. I would urge the council to act on this matter asap, better now than later in the coroner's court.

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