18 Herbert Street, Ringwood VIC 3134

Remove 2 trees

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 5 months ago. It was received by them about 2 months earlier.

(Source: Maroondah City Council, reference M/2019/1075)


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  1. Claude Vanstraelen commented

    There had better be a very good explanation for another 2 trees needing to be removed. Are they native trees, canopy trees, habitat/food for wildlife?
    You should be explaining what type of trees they are.
    Every day trees are being removed and these 2 had better be very diseased or dead.
    Is there a plan to plant another two native/canopy trees as replacement for the 2 removed?
    I would appreciate an explanation as to why/which two trees have been selected. And for what purpose.

  2. Liz commented

    trees on this site are mature with large canopies and are valuable to the area. Looking at the whole area on Google map, it is quite evident that dual occupancy housing is becomming the new normal for that location. It is likely that the tree removal is requested to disencumber the land for subsequent erection of a house at the rear.
    In instances such as this Council must ensure replacement tall trees are replanted after development, and also ensure that % site cover is witning the new open land requirements for soil hydrology, in the open space.
    If these requirements and sustianability building practices are required also, then we must unfortunately accept the removal of some of the trees at the rear. It would be good if one could be left and protected and trees replaced where appropriate.

  3. Peter commented

    Well said Claude. The rudeness of Rex is lamentable.

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