1 Jackson Road, Wantirna South VIC 3152

Amending to plans for the construction of a three (3) storey building by increasing the number of apartments from 10 (ten) to twelve (12) dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them about 2 months earlier.

(Source: Knox City Council, reference P/2015/6429/A)


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  1. Mrs C Fuller commented

    Will there be underground parking included in the apartment block/blocks? There is a steadily increasing lack of residential car parking at units, apartments, duplex sites. This seemingly unforgotten,unnoticed or ignored situation is contributing to dangerous traffic flow in narrow streets that were not designed to accommodate residential parking on both sides.
    Regular Council garbage trucks use all streets twice a week, regular postal and often home deliveries, occasional street sweepers,frequent maintenance and repair contractors all need room to move, or park safely. Why is Council not requiring developers to provide urgently required parking on site as part of approved planning permits, to eliminate the problem that is fast becoming a nightmare.

  2. David commented

    Hi Mrs C, - Jackson and White Road are already crowded with multiple cars parked (and dumped) on nature strips and front yards.
    Underground parking would need to be mandatory if this application was to proceed.
    Wish you luck.

  3. Ms Jane Smith commented

    The council has no interest in increasing more off street parking. The parking inspectors on Jackson road and White road make a tidy profit. Increasing the apartments from 10 to 12 would indicate not enough profit to be made from 10 apartments so 12 is needed. No care about the parking from the developer they are simply in it for the profit. The property is in the high density zone so council will ignore any talk of more parking off street.

  4. Megan Billington commented

    The traffic situation on the relatively narrow streets of Wantirna South is now critical. A block for 1 house with parking for 3 cars has become now possibly housing for anything up to 35 people or more (2 adults and 1 child) with At Least 18 cars plus. If council actually went around these unit blocks they would find some 2 bed housing up to 6 persons plus airbnb opportunities. 1 car park per unit with most owning 2 cars leaves 1 car parked on street minimum.. Both sides of street with parked cars make it impossible for some emergency vehicles, delivery, buses and larger people movers to transit thru. We are full and this greed driven push has already destroyed the beauty of our suburb, the destruction of trees and increased noise and smog from cars. The development is huge already so unless the underground parking is realistically increased for 2 cars per unit it should be either downsized or have off street parking on site. The development is too big for the existing streetscape as it currently stands. We are no longer the leafy suburb but the giant white Lego block suburb.

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