2 Mawarra Street, Palm Beach QLD 4221

Material Change of Use Code Assessment Multiple Dwelling x 80

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Gold Coast City Council, reference MCU/2020/31)


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  1. Graham Dietrich commented

    I wasn't aware that they were building a prison block in Palm Beach?

    This building is an eye-sore and will devalue the surrounding properties.

  2. Michelle Fabian commented

    This construction is not wanted or warranted in this area. Sick of the development going on for the sake of lining Tom Takes already full coffers

  3. M Wilson commented

    Why have a city plan if you keep amending it?

  4. Lorraine Barker commented

    Ridiculous! Is this Building to Town Plan? A School,preschool, Magnoli all very close! Another Recipe for disaster! 😡

  5. Linda Wisbey commented

    Where are all of the new residents, their family and visitors supposed to park?
    Why would anyone consider putting this monstrosity in the middle of a residential area with the complete opposite look.

  6. Rhonda Frisoli commented

    Oh dear!!!! GCCC what are you thinking??? Another 80 units!! Times that by 2 vehicles per residence, another 160 + people to add to the already congested roads with no further infrastructure to carry this load - you will definitely not be getting my vote!!!! As a ratepayer from Palm Beach we do not want these monstrosities in our back yard.

  7. Tony Plunkett commented

    How on earth does this fit into the town plan? This is a monstrosity, not only ugly but also not in keeping with the area at all. Where is everybody supposed to park? There is already major parking issues here. Somebody seems to be hell bent on destroying Palm Beach! Why is that?

  8. Andrew Robinson commented

    Plus the other building that is proposed for the corner of 23rd and Townson where the shops are. Too many units for the road network.

  9. Stephen Carter commented

    Another poorly planned and totally unnecessary development. This is a short-term money grab which will be felt by the local community for generations.

  10. Lorraine Cook commented

    OK we have to create thousands of new homes for population expectations but that can be done without destroying the very reason existing residents came here in the first place. This developments looks like a quick snatch at a fast profit and we are SCREAMING - "not on our watch". Allow that and you'll lose every vote in the southern end of the Gold Coast. It's hideous. Does not tick one asthetic box or compliment our local character and needs.

  11. Michelle Derrick commented

    This is totally unnecessary- greed is taking over and spoiling beautiful Palm Beach. Enough is enough - too many buildings being approved . Parking is already a nightmare - this is going to add to the chaos.
    Please stop spoiling Palm Beach by approving these high rise monstrosity’s.
    The Highway traffic is already so bad and every time a new building commences it makes the traffic even worse

  12. Erica F commented

    We simply do not have the infrastructure to support any more high density living developments in Palm Beach. End of story. For every apartment, there are a minimum of 2 cars. Where do they park? How do they get to and from their homes/work? The M1 expired in 2016. It's already over capacity and you want to add more pressure to the Palm Beach exit/on ramp and surrounding areas. What about the knock on effect this has on the local schools? Shopping centres? Woolworths at The Pines already struggles to cope with current demand on fresh produce. Have you ever tried to drive down the GC Highway at say, any time of the day? It takes longer to get through Palm Beach than it does to get through Surfers Paradise now. Stop developing the place. Leave some things untouched. Leave our property values alone. If we keep going at this rate, Palm Beach will be the next Upper Coomera ffs.

  13. Sarah Sticka commented

    Please DO NOT go ahead with this.
    The building is too high in density
    Please protect Palm Beach.
    Please do something smaller if you must

  14. Lorraine Barker commented

    This is definitely not in the City Plan!

  15. Darren Kerr commented

    Development character does not at all fit in with the area. Aesthetically unpleasing and way too big. Sort of think this proposal has to be a joke, no council would ever approve this in that area.

  16. Catherine Modini commented

    I strongly object to this application. It does not fit in with our current Town Plan, hence their application for the change and the size of this development will further degrade what limited facilities and infrastructure we currently have in place. This area is overdeveloped and it is already not coping. We cannot keep servicing overdevelopment practices by the Gold Coast City Council. Please do not approve this application!

  17. Carlin commented

    This is a stupid idea

  18. Gary Wert commented

    Hey Tom, why don't you build your prison buildings outside your house.
    Maybe one day you might understand you Muppet.🤬🤬🤬

  19. Katrina Puddy commented

    Surely not!?! This is ridiculous.
    I am strongly against this development!
    Please don't ruin beautiful, unique Palm Beach with these massive developments!
    I object!

    And NO LIGHT RAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Reece commented

    One reason people visit the Gold Coast is for it beautiful beaches. Palm Beach is quickly becoming a concrete jungle, the majority of developments of which local residences and visitors to the Gold Coast object and detest. Please do not go ahead with this development. Keep the beaches visable, clean and beautiful

  21. Sam commented

    How hard is it for developers, the Mayor and councillors to understand that they must first obey the ORIGINAL city plan and that development is welcome as long as it is sustainable? How on Earth would you expect a massive block of buildings like that not to influence the quality of life in Palm Beach? With so much land out west why don't you use the land as a carpark so the new residents of this development can enjoy Palm Beach AS IT IS, not as an overcrowded mess where people struggle to park their cars to enjoy at day at the beach, reason why they decide to move here in the first place.

  22. Tegan Bryers commented

    What is the point of a city plan if no one has to abide by it.
    Please stop destroying Palm Beach- the residents have all had enough

  23. Liz Ross commented

    GCCC has in previous years developed at a rate that is beneficial to the city and it’s rate payers but this council are a law unto themselves. The Gold Coast is becoming overdeveloped and this eyesore is an example of council not caring about locals. This is just one of many inappropriate high density living buildings not suited for the area. This is an eyesore and the area does not need it.

  24. Leah Johnston commented

    This isn’t wanted by local residents and is against the planning code for the area. Let’s maintain what’s left of Palm Beach and say no to over development!

  25. Cynthia Webb commented

    This proposed development is absolutely unsuitable and unwise for the position. We don't have enough space around the area as it is - not enough parking on the street, not enough roads to get around. The Gold Coast Highway (between Tallebudgera and 19th Avenue, sometimes further South, is frequently at crawling pace with banked up traffic in summer weekends and holiday periods. As there are only two ways to proceed from Coolangatta/Tugun to Burleigh Heads and beyond, via Palm Beach... how will the current two routes, Townson Avenue, or Gold Coast Highway, cope with so many extra people living in Palm Beach? It's no use suggesting using the M1 either, as most of the time it is also over-loaded with traffic. Once roadworks begin out there, it will be even worse. Then, if the Light-Rail is one day going to come through as well - the mind boggles as to how it can all work. So many people from the Southern Gold Coast have to commute up and down via GC Highway, through Palm Beach.
    As for living standards around this section of Palm Beach, it may well deteriorate rapidly and end up as a low-rent slum in the future. The population density is NOT suited to the area, or the history and future of Palm Beach, always a family residential area. There are so many more reasons why the proposed development is absolutely insane, reasons already mentioned above by others.

  26. Debbie Shelly commented

    Ugly as it is, the main problem once again is where are tourists/visitors/locals going to park?
    I don’t understand how all this building can be allowed in Palm Beach given the highway this end of the coast is so narrow & parking is a major problem anyway.

    I drove through Mermaid yesterday & the GCH is lovely & wide, there is a lot of space but also many derelict/run down buildings which scream for new high rise & modernising. Why not there?

  27. Allan Roebig commented

    What a disgraceful eyesore for Palm Beach. Please stop the degradation to our beautiful suburb.

  28. Terry commented

    This planned building and apparently planned light rail is a blight on the palm beach area.
    On weekdays and more so the weekends the traffic / parking situation is already horrendous, even when the M1 is running smoothly. If there in as accident on the M1 where is the traffic diverted to??? Making the 2 lane gold coast Highway a car park.
    Belonging to a local surf club it is almost impossible to access parking to do our patrols.
    No volunteer lifguards equates to more drownings.
    It's all on your hands Tate.
    Please for once think about the future of the area besides the future of your wallets.

  29. Daniel Broad commented

    Please as a resident of this wonderful suburb I along with many, many others do not approve of these developments. They are most certainly devaluing surrounding homes as privacy is lost and sunlight is lost.

  30. Carol amps commented

    What a disaster!! Town planning needs to think really hard on what impact this consyruction will have on neighbours and the suburb. HUGE MISTAKE if this is approved...

  31. Karen Rowles commented

    The Density of 1 Bedroom per 13.7 m2 is drastically outside the City Plan Guidelines of 1 Bedroom per 50 m2 for this area.
    The building design is unattractive and not in keeping with the amenity or character of Palm Beach.
    Even though the Car Spaces are within City Plan Guidelines, I feel this number is insufficient, as many, many high density high rises are already completed or approved for this small area. The narrow streets are already full of parked cars. The Planned Light Rail through Palm Beach will not entice residents to give up their vehicles, and jump onto the Tram. The Tram is not wanted in Palm Beach.
    As there are no “gaps” in the design of this monstrous building, neighbouring properties will lose their sunshine and be shadowed. I know the GCCC do not see this as a reason to reject a submission, however the sheer bulk of this building is ridiculous and will cast a massive shadow on neighbouring properties. How will Waste be managed as this narrow street already has a massive Development planned for the Eastern end of it, on the corner of 22nd Ave and the Gold Coast Highway.
    You are creating a nightmare in our coastal community and destroying our lifestyle.
    You must follow City Plan Guidelines in relation to DENSITY. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  32. Lily Griffith commented

    This is gross. Keep these buildings in surfers and Brisbane.
    Totally ruining the smaller parts of the Gold Coast. I feel sorry for anyone who has to grow up around this.

  33. Jennifer commented

    This monstrosity building is overwhelming with the size of the units, lack of parking and the shadow it will cast. This size of building is too much.

    While the DA is commendable for the comprehensive description. It is laughable and deceiving to designate an average of 1.5 cars to 3 bedrooms and 1.25 cars to 2 bedroom apartments. Appears that the public open space is to compensate for the lack of space within this building.

    Does the GCCC think that there would be only 1or 2 people in each apartment? Is the GCCC assisting people into domestic issues? All of the apartments look small and with that intensity comes friction.

    If the building was 4 levels with the same number of car parks it may appear plausible. But come on GCCC 8 levels is too much.

  34. Elly Martin commented

    What an absolute eye sore !! Please don’t build such an ugly , huge building in Palm Beach. We live here for the village atmosphere. If we wanted to live in a high rise area we would be in Surfers !! Leave Palm Beach alone !!

  35. Penny Jones commented

    I attended the GCCC Currumbin (RSL) community meeting on 21 January 2020 with Mr Caldwell and Council staff in attendance. The tone of residents strongly articulated discontent with the types of buildings being approved by Council in Palm Beach in terms of height, density, set-backs, lack of green space (instead pay a levy/fee towards exisiting parkland), car parking (cars per ratio to bedrooms), size of bedrooms being approved (slum style apartments) and the architectural ugliness beseeching a coastal community. The lack of 'rules' was clearly evident in the example of Komune and height restrictions NOT being enforced in favour of a fluid GCCC town planning where Development Applications seem to change in approval with each application. Seriously GCCC, wake up. I accept progress and population growth will happen but this is NOT a CITY location; it's a beach community. Aesthetics counts. Beach life style counts. Buildings should ADD value to our community not create problems. GCCC grow a backbone with developers and applications - big is not always better.

  36. Caroline commented

    Palm Beach doesn’t need anymore high risers. This will only impact the already overload of traffic happening in the area. I no longer can find a park when I need to visit local ammenities. Palm Beach can’t handle what is happening now! Leave Palm Beach alone stop the over development to this area now.

  37. Robyn Betts commented

    Firstly this huge monstrosity is being built directly opposite a preschool / primary school grounds.
    A development of this size will vastly increase the local traffic around this school especially during pick up and drop off( and I do not have school age children so feel sorry for these parents). It will increase the risk for these children on Mawarra.
    The infrastructure will not be able to deal with this, and Tom Tate don’t say that’s why we need a light rail!!
    I’m referring to the everyday worker who needs to drive to their place of employment not miraculously be dropped there when they catch a tram.
    This makes me so angry tourists and locals flock here to enjoy our beautiful beaches not ugly large shadowing building.
    Tom Tate why don’t you approve this next to your own price of paradise.

  38. Donna Lollback commented

    This is an Ugly building for such a beautiful Suburb. It totally goes against all planning guidelines. Even if they build the tram line, the amount of other development in the area being built will have the infrastructure at bursting capacity. It’s also in the vicinity of the primary school and over look the playing fields. Just no privacy. Please re-think this development as not wanted

  39. T Dempsey commented

    How does this style of development fit into town planning?? This are should be low rise 3 story walk up or duplex or house blocks only!! Not some monstrosity like this!!

    I really feel for those who have purchased in or around this area!

    This is an absolute disgrace

  40. Mandy commented

    I’m not opposed to unit living at all BUT the fact that there are now so many in PalmBeach is causing ALOT of traffic congestion in what was once a quieter suburb to live. On a block of land that possibly only housed a few vehicles, now to have possibly 80? Tell me how we can cope with that on our roads. It’s all $$ , what about the people?

  41. Theo Foukkare commented

    This is an absolute disgrace & outside of the city plan.

    Density Guidelines are 1 bedroom per 50m2... and this Developer is asking for 1 bedroom per 13.7m2.
    Drastically outside City Plan Guidelines, how on earth can this be approved.

  42. Jenelle Gauci commented

    Parents already struggle to find parking to drop off and pick up children from Palm Beach State school. This development will make it impossible for parents unsafe for children walking to and from school. Please consider the welfare of our children and perhaps consider a low rise development instead.

  43. David Ungar commented

    The Density of 1 Bedroom per 13.7 m2 is outside the City Plan Guidelines of 1 Bedroom per 50 m2 for this area. Why have Guidelines if they are not complied with?
    The building design is unattractive and not in keeping with the amenity or character of Palm Beach. The height of eight levels is totally unworkable.
    Even though the Car Spaces are within City Plan Guidelines, This is insufficient, as many high density high rises are already completed or approved for this beachside area. The narrow streets are already full of parked cars. Are residents now no longer allowed to drive to work and shopping centres. Are residents no longer permitted to have visitors who access their location by private vehicle.

    View comment on PlanningAlerts

  44. Stacey commented

    No thank you! 🙅🏼‍♀️

  45. J commented

    this development is to large for the block and should 100% not be approved

  46. Janine Kroehn commented

    Parking will be an issue as also will be travelling time to and from anywhere. We need to build and develop smart and fair to everyone. This is just too dense for this small area.

  47. Raymond Todd commented

    Definately not.
    Councillor Cameron Caldwell made comment today on television regarding a building on Sovereign Island that is outside city council guidelines. He stated that council will not tolerate this type of disregard to regulations and council implemented a stopwork notice.
    So this proposed building won't pass council regulations then will it Councillor!

  48. Mel commented

    This building looks too commercial and far too big for the space. This building is better suited to a large corner block without neighbouring buildings, no where near palm beach. Palm beach will be highly sought after if harder to buy into, if everyone is packed in like sardines it will lose the charm that most people love and buy into it for. developers will co operate to build more reasonable buildings for this reason. 29 meters is ridiculous.

  49. Fiona Mackenzie commented

    I object to this development as the size of the structure is too big and does not fit with the aesthetics of the surrounding dwellings.
    With the Gold Coast hwy set to have light rail, Mallawa drive will become a rat ru for motorists therefore introducing this high density living on Mallaw Dr will enhance traffic congestion.
    The city does not have supporting infracture to handle more high density dwellings. The near by schools are at capacity and the traffic around school zones is already chaotic.
    Mallawa Drive is listed as a bicycle route with many cyclists currently using it, I believe this could become dangerous for all road users is this development is approved because of the increase of traffic.
    Furthermore the M1 on ramps are not coping with the amount of users creating traffic problems on KP McGrath where cars are forming 2 lanes, where only one marked lane is provided. Palm Beach Ave also chokes with traffic during peak times.
    In conclusion I strongly object to this proposed development.

  50. Nikola Boyle commented

    I am appalled by this!! Palm Beach is a beautiful community that is getting destroyed by these disgusting, ugly and oversized buildings that are covering houses behind them, taking the view away for others, now when I drive along the Gold Coast Highway you wouldn’t even recognise that there is a beach behind all these tall ugly buildings!!

    The building is way to large for this area! The roads will get a hell of a lot busier, which means more traffic which then leads to more incidents with cyclists/motorists/pedestrians! All in all, this is just disgusting and can not believe you people are thinking of building this disgrace in such a beautiful community which is already getting ruined by the buildings that have been completed!!!!

  51. Jenny williams commented

    These large developments are encroaching more and more into residential housing and low density areas of PB. The whole beauty of the area is being swallowed up by these unsightly buildings, it’s a disgrace! The face of PB is forever changing!
    Rules are put in place for a purpose and are not to be broken and Tom Tate, GCCC and the developers are definitely not adhering to these rules. Developers seem to be able to build whatever they want with GCCC approval disregarding the size of each apartment, the height of each development, the aesthetic appearance of the building as well as assessing what impact it has on the local area. This development is so concerning....it’s proximity to a school, not to mention the safety of children and the traffic hazard it will impact on the area. It Is for these reasons that I greatly oppose of such a development.

  52. J Bartlett commented

    I object to this development, and request the application is an agenda item before a council meeting. Council officers should recommend refusal;

    A) The Density of 1 Bedroom per 13.7 m2 is outside the City Plan Guidelines of 1 Bedroom per 50 m2 for this area;

    B) The community doesn’t support such a development regardless of current city plan guidelines;

    C) The road network cannot support such a development. Note the significant parking issues on Twenty Fourth Ave after completion of ‘Canopy’.

    Finally, the planning framework shouldn’t be able to consider such a development as ‘Code Assessable’, and this should be considered in the new City Plan.

  53. Charlotte commented

    Absolutley against this. The area is already getting over populated. The infruscrticture is already struggling and pipes are already bursting, and all new developments are now even completed yet. This kind of development is not only going to destroy the community feel but also weigh terribly on an already struggling infrastructure, parking and excessive population density. I can't believe they are even considering this absolute monstrosity

  54. L Peet commented

    I object to this development.
    The Density of 1 Bedroom per 50m2 is the City Plan guideline for this area, this development is requesting 1 bedroom per 13.7 m2 which is drastically outside the City Plan.
    The building design has no architectural merit and is not in keeping with the character of Palm Beach.
    While Car Spaces meet City Plan Guidelines, this number is insufficient due to the many high density high rises already completed or approved. The narrow streets are already full and there is simply no room for more vehicles to park, visitors to this complex, residents with more cars than allowed for in the development. The Light Rail is supposedly going to alleviate these parking problems, but as we have an excellent bus service in the area now, I don’t understand how that will happen.
    The block design of this building will mean neighbouring properties will lose light and air flow, reducing the amenity for neighbouring residents.
    Please ensure applications meet the City Plan and enhance the area.

  55. Sandra Dobson commented

    I object to this development.
    The Density of 1 Bedroom per 50m2 is the City Plan guideline for this area, this development is requesting 1 bedroom per 13.7 m2 which is drastically outside the City Plan.
    The building design has no architectural merit and is not in keeping with the character of Palm Beach.

  56. Matilda edwards commented

    I object to this development.

    The building design has no architectural merit and is not in keeping with the character of Palm Beach. Palm beach’s attraction is the beach style village and this type of structure will affect its charm.
    The narrow streets are already full and this structure imposes on surrounding structures.

    Schools are overflowing and don’t have the infrastructure to meet these demands. Enrolments are an all time high. Parking around palm beach state school is also already extremely difficult and will only get worse.

    Current congestion on m1 entry at palm beach avenue and the Gold Coast hwy between Currumbin and Burleigh heads is getting worse each day.

    The block design of this building will mean neighbouring properties will lose light and air flow, reducing the amenity for neighbouring residents.

    Please ensure applications meet the City Plan and enhance the area.

  57. Diane commented

    1 unit doesn’t mean 1 car, you know. All extra vehicles will be out on the streets which is already congested. 24th Ave is just awful now. Stop building these where they shouldn’t be. I love my home and hate seeing it get out of control

  58. Jen Hayes commented

    I object to this high rise development in Marwarra street .
    Density Guidelines are 1 bedroom per 50m2... and this Developer is asking for 1 bedroom per 13.7m2.
    The Parking alone will bring too much stress for streets surrounding a primary school and multiple smaller unit blocks already along this street.
    Thoroughfares in and out of this area are limited and already at capacity. The stress of this development will impact the suburb so negatively and should not go ahead

  59. Aaron commented

    This Development has 11 Levels which are too many for the city plan guidelines. It is also too high.
    There is very inadequate onsite car parking for the amount of appartments/ bedrooms for the development. There is already minimal street parking near the site due to a growing school across the road.
    The parking situation around the area is already significantly stressed and no people are yet living in the 200 Magnoli appartments 100m away from the site. Under construction impacts must be considered in conjunction.
    The building also utilises the majority of the block with minimal set backs and landscaping proposed.
    The development is not wanted by the local community. Council, make your decisions as representatives of the people you serve! Any other decision and you are not public servants.

  60. Paul Cecil commented

    This develop at all cost mentality must stop. Palm Beach does not have the road infrastructure and never will.
    You can't squeeze unit where houses
    once we're and keep a happy medium.......

    Bring on the election. Need some of these clowns voted out.......
    Light rail will completely destroy palm beach turning it into a ghetto

    Stop approving units left right and centre.
    Enough is Enough

  61. Jeff Mcpaul commented

    There are so many things that are listed in the above objections that it would be UNBELEIVABLE to think it would be considered to be allowed to be built.
    Every building that is going up has used all these loop holes that have been purposely designed to work in the favour of the developer, and not in the favour of the local residents who will inevitably have to live with the ugly mess
    No parking, over crowding, traffic jams constantly, beach atmosphere destroyed, shadows with houses seeing half a day of sun, minimal area for good size trees and gardens. It goes on and on. Developers dont live in the boxes. they have big garages
    Then the light rail.

  62. Laurine Lugg commented

    I OBJECT TO THIS DEVELOPMENT that looks more like housing commission accommodation. This does not fit in with the town plan and will have a extreme impact on the community of Palm Beach with lifestyle, overcrowding, traffic congestion and strain on the already suffering amenities.
    Is this really providing needed housing or luring people to this area for greed or other purposes.
    Palm Beach businesses also rely on tourism and a congested concrete jungle would certainly no entice travellers,

  63. Sharee B commented

    I object to this building. You are creating a nightmare in our coastal community and destroying our lifestyle.
    You must follow City Plan Guidelines in relation to DENSITY. NO EXCEPTIONS

  64. Jamie Hendry commented

    80 dwellings in an area that size, come on that’s ridiculous, there needs to be an investigation. Please, if you need to build, make it fit in with our community and won’t cause issues with the current infrastructure.

  65. Patrick Comerford commented

    I strongly object to the MCU for this development application.
    The whole of the Gold Coast highway coastal strip areas of Palm Beach are under attack from inappropriate development such as this one. It will add to the already chronic over development by trying to cram in as many apartments as the developers can get away with and the planning department is in their pocket. They are completely ignoring the requirement to maintain and improve the amenity of the area including for existing residents whose amenity is being trashed.

  66. Linda commented

    No no no no no! No no no no no! No no no no no! No no no no no! Are you listening yet???? No no no no no! No no no no no! NO NO NO NEVER EVER DEFINITIVELY DEFINITELY RESOUNDINGLY N.O!

  67. Michelle McPherson commented

    Town planning like this should not be approved in Palm Beach QLD. There is not enough car spaces for parking or thoroughfare. Dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists as well.
    Town planners in GCCC need to consult the public more and offer suburbs of destinction not all the same from Main Beach to Coolangatta.

  68. Lenka Boorer commented

    I object to this development.

    The massive construction is not in line with the Palm Beach peaceful environment. The increased number of people living in this space would put massive pressure on already stretched city infrastructure.

    Please do not allow this build to occur.

  69. Craig Mcpherson. commented

    The Density of 1 Bedroom per 13.7 m2 is drastically outside the City Plan Guidelines of 1 Bedroom per 50 m2 for this area.
    The building design is unattractive and not in keeping with the amenity or character of Palm Beach.
    Even though the Car Spaces are within City Plan Guidelines, I feel this number is insufficient, palm beach is already overloaded with units with not enough parking per unit.

    Many elderly residents don’t feel comfortable or safe negotiating our busy streets. This is a disaster and of no benefit to our community.

  70. Leah Ellis commented

    The Density Guidelines are 1 bedroom per 50m2 this Developer is asking for 1 bedroom per 13.7m2.
    This application is Drastically outside City Plan Guidelines and should not be approved.
    It is also not in keeping with the village style in this area.
    Stop Light Rail from destroying Palm Beach.

  71. Leah Ellis commented

    The Density Guidelines are 1 bedroom per 50m2 this Developer is asking for 1 bedroom per 13.7m2.
    This application is Drastically outside City Plan Guidelines and should not be approved.
    It is also not in keeping with the village style in this area.
    Stop Light Rail from destroying Palm Beach.

  72. Brittany commented

    The Gold Coast is somewhere I always wanted to move back to, Palm Beach & Burleigh landscapes being part of the reason why. This is not something that fits that. There are roads in this area that we’re going to be upgraded YEARS ago in this area because of congestion & now all these terrible massive buildings are being added, with a ridiculous amount of people & not enough in the area to support them. Are there any plans for more jobs in the area given the amount of people or is it all about money?

  73. Robyn Muhl commented

    This development would be a disaster for Palm Beach.
    The proposed density of dwellings in this already overcrowded area would bring this street to a gridlocked situation. The overflow from other such development is already making some streets difficult to drive through.
    The pressures on an already oversupplied unit market are huge; how many units remain unsold in the numerous projects already approved.
    The height of the building would rob dwellings in its shadow of summer NE breezes and winter sun.
    Why bother with a town plan when anyone can ( and has made) make application for change of use?
    The design is not in sympathy with the surroundings.
    This is a mad/bad proposal.

  74. Steven Curd commented

    This proposal isn’t an amendment to the city plan. It is completely incongruent with both the city plan and residents best interests.
    Please do not allow Palm Beach to become another concrete high rise eyesore.
    The shade effect alone, on local homes, should be enough to vote NO.

  75. Clint commented

    Making up/changing the city plan/rules as these grubs see fit!!😡 How on earth is this even being considered? There is no parking for local residents already but that’s ok I guess anything for a quick buck and another few hundred ratepayers to top up the mayor and his mates pay packets!!!

    Disgusted Local!!! Vote this scum out!!!

  76. Jeanette M Walters commented

    Sorry Tom Tate but if this and other developments planned for Palm Beach get the go ahead I will no longer be supporting your reelection.

    The Ridong develpment in Tallebudgera is another example of this stupidity. Please stop and look at what you are doing to our backyards!!!

  77. JANINE Meyer commented

    Gold Coast City Council is turning Palm Beach into a SLUM! Absolutely ridiculous and an obvious money grab. This sort of development is not sustainable. The light rail will not diminish the fact that the residents and tourists will still have cars that need parking spaces. The Gold Coast Hwy is virtually a car park during peak periods, and don’t even try to get on the motorway!

  78. dave allen commented

    i am concerned about this development -- in particular the following

    1. will there be sufficent parking -- that part of the street has heavy on-road parking usge ad it currently makes it dangerous to fdrive down that part of the street from the highway - suggest that town planners try driving down the street from the GC Highway

    2. this is exteremly high density -- what green space or communal spoace be made available to residents?

    3. what will the GCCC put in place in regards to utilites -- this is project wil require a massive infrastructure upgrade

    4. is there a 'green/renewable' plan associated to this development?

  79. Lesley commented

    The Density Guidelines are 1 bedroom per 50m2 this Developer is asking for 1 bedroom per 13.7m2.
    This application is Drastically outside City Plan Guidelines and should not be approved. The supposed architectural design of this building is a disgrace. It certainly not in keeping with our once beautiful village atmosphere of Palm Beach. The reason we all moved her.
    Enough is enough the roads are unable to manage traffic already, schools are bursting and ridiculously thinking of putting demountables on their oval. The area between 19th Ave and Mawarra is already struggling for parking and safety of children to and from Palm Beach School.
    The horrid Magnoli has not even been completed yet. It’s impossible to access the M1 on ramp at most busy times.
    Light Rail is not needed or wanted in Palm Beach.

  80. Mark Hudson commented

    I totally object to development. Just another example of Tom Tate's arrogant and total disregard for the residents of Palm Beach. A density increase from 13.7 to 50 m2 per Bedroom is ludicrous and unsustainable on multiple levels. To allow this overdevelopment and destruction of the Palmy lifestyle is appalling. The only way to stop it is at the polling booth.

  81. Joanne commented

    Total disregard for City Plan, residents and the remaining character of Palm Beach. Come on GCCC...prove you have you been listening to concerned residents at the various forums and do not allow this blatantly excessive development.

  82. Tamara Mitchell commented

    I object to this proposed development for the following reasons:


    - proposed 1 bedroom / 13.6m2 vs town plan 1 bedroom / 50m2
    This grossly contradicts our town planning guidelines and is completely unacceptable.


    - detailed exterior plans appear to have not been provided for public view but the images provided show a large bulky building with a sterile design that does not fit in with, or complement, the local area


    - this oversized and overly dense structure has been built extremely close to neighbouring properties, impacting on privacy and quality of life for neighbouring residents and the established community. The plans need to allow for deep soil planting and ample greenery to soften the facade of any proposed development of this scale. Adequate space between boundaries and at street frontage needs to be provided in order to add appeal


    - 118 car parks for 80 x 2 and 3 bedroom apartments is not adequate. The developers and planning team need to take a commonsense approach and provide adequate parking for both residents and visitors.

  83. Jodie Fields commented

    Please GCCC when considering DA approval for future developments start thinking about what is good for the local community! Palm Beach residents and ratepayers have put up with far too much construction and congestion over the last two years and to know that there are projects for DA approval that don’t even meet the city planning guidelines or have adequate infrastructure is a joke! The proposed density of this eye-sore and other high-rises like this, doesn’t just impact on economic infrastructure but social infrastructure like our local school, stretching its own resources and facilities beyond suitable limits.

    This isn’t Asia Mr Tate, this is the Gold Coast so let’s try and preserve our unique beach culture and coastal communities.

  84. Davina Hudson commented

    This development should not be given approval. We are asked to review and comment on the new town plan, what is the point whenGCCC are accepting an application that is a massive 4 times the current town plan's density limit. That's a 20 unit development increased to 80! The height limit has been increased, therefore the shadowing of neighboring sites has increased.The site cover has been increased. The building setbacks have been relaxed. The articulation policies that pertain to the visual amenity of this project seem to have been totally overlooked. The car parking provisions have no doubt been calculated with the "transport corridor" policies. Totally inadequate. This project is masivelyout of scale with its surrounds and is not a good thing for our community.

  85. Sandra Harris commented

    I strongly object to this development. There is not enough street parking in Palm Beach. Council is failing to address the lack of beachside parking in PalmBeach.

  86. megan brodhurst-hill commented

    This building does not comply with Town Planning and yet again the developer is asking for relaxations.
    The street will be congested with cars that the buildings car parking does not allow for. The curve in the street and it's width doesn't allow for cars to be parked either side without creating blind spots for pedestrians and motorists to park or pass safely, therefore potentially creating dangerous traffic conditions.
    Where is the green space for the size and the amount of residence in the proposed development?

  87. Liz Ross commented

    Just more greedy developers, come into a beautiful area, build a concrete prison, and ruin the area. Stay within the height regulations and build something to be proud of, something different .... but that’s right they use the profit to build their own homes that way . Makes me angry.

  88. Annemarie commented

    I object to this development,
    80 units, replacing the 10 already there.. wow the indecent size for starters on such a awkward block..
    visually it reminds me of tenement block of Europe, no style at all..

    So 64 2 bedroom units, the rest 1 bedrooms units, the parking is hopelessly inadequate, you are naive to believe there will be enough for the amount of people potentially living there..

    Let alone a potential of +new160 cars per day making there way down a narrow street..

    Noise pollution, chemical pollution if you live nearby,
    On top of that with a potential light rail and no parking on the gc hwy...
    Where do they all go?

    Then there is the approval of development on 22nd st I believe.. what a delight to have noise on both sides of your residence, not everyone works nine to five.. let alone the vibrations from both buildings getting built..

    And then there is the access issue of both the exit 93 on the m1 blocked and at a stand still
    Every working day and evening...

    Oh but there is the gc hwy also gridlock, and potentially the light rail getting built.. oh how nice we will be blocked in..

    You are out of your minds sorry but what a complete hazard to the residents who live here..

    Astounded ...

  89. Jeff Rainsford commented

    This is not required in Palm Beach and what’s the use of a town plan if you are going to ignore or modify it 🤯

  90. Clare Ross commented

    Again GCC entertaining yet another amendment to the plan!
    How many objections must we complete before this council understands that these developments which sit outside the plan are not welcome.
    80 units at this site is completely wrong. Please stay within the plan and give us a break.

  91. Nicole commented

    I object to this development. There are many reasons this development cannot go ahead including it does not meet the City guidelines but also because of:
    Loss of light or overshadowing.
    Overlooking/loss of privacy.
    Lack of adequate parking/loading/turning.
    Traffic generation.
    Noise and disturbance.

  92. Jan Hodge commented

    I strongly object to the proposed development of 80 units on that site. Parking in the street is already at a premium and becomes even more impossible when construction commences. We found that when both the high rises st 21st and 24th avenues were being built. The height of this proposed building would encroach on neighbouring residences and will shadow them from the winter sun which would then devalue residences around it. It does not go with the ambience of the area. There are too many high density buildings that have already been constructed. This is not in accordance of our town planning. This is such a narrow street and is already a hazard for people exiting their residences as there are so many bigger work trucks and 4WDs parking near driveways and blocking views. It would be madness to let this inappropriate building to be allowed.

  93. Deborah Shedson commented

    With all the new & proposed developments in PB, can Tallebudgera bridge cope with the weight of all these heavily laden trucks & extra cars now. Have engineers taken a good hard look at the bridge recently?

  94. Shannon commented

    This is a totally unacceptable application! One side of this backs on to the Palm Beach Primary School compromising the safety of residents and kids at the primary school, not to mention that Brooke Ave is already congested and will be made worse once that over sized ridiculous Magnoli development is finished - in the same street!!

    Mawarra St is not only very narrow but it is also congested and the site is on a bend. 80 units on a block that now only houses 8 units is ludicrous. That's 10 times what is there now!! How will the area cope with the extra traffic? What about the waste, the stresses on the power grid and water? (Yes, it’s raining now but we were just about to go on water restrictions, and that area floods). Privacy and sunlight for the neighbouring unit blocks will be deprived. This building does not suit the area and the sizes of the rooms are too small. The list of objections goes on... see all the other 98 comments.

    This is straight out money grabbing on the developers behalf. It does NOTHING to enhance the area and will be a nightmare for residents - including the people that will live in these little boxes. And again, it will be a major safety risk to our children attending Palm Beach Primary School. When will this overdependent madness stop? When there is a fatality?? ...Or when the Gold Coast gets a new Mayor?

  95. Amelia Jane commented

    The Gold Coast is already out of control with buildings going up with not enough parking spots. It used to be a beautiful place to live - now it’s just a big city with terrible councils making it worse.

  96. Shannon commented

    Palm beach does not have the traffic setup to cater for this. It already is at max capacity and if it has further high rise buildings it will become un liveable and a disaster!

    Design will date and does not fit with the look of palm beach!

  97. Kevin Kunst commented

    This Development has 3 times the amount of bedrooms allowed under City Plan Guidelines. 80 Units in this small suburban street is completely unacceptable. Magnoli has already created chaos in the area. The school and surrounding streets can not cope with this influx of residents. We do not want the Light Rail to go through Palm Beach. We will not suddenly sell our cars and jump on this outdated and unreliable form of transport.
    This development is a disaster waiting to happen. The people of Palm Beach have had enough. We will vote against Mayor Tate on Election Day.
    I agree with Cr Daphne McDonald, this is a recipe for disaster in this area. You must not approve this Development.
    I strongly object to the Density of this Development.

  98. Ben Rowles commented

    I strongly object to this Development. The design is too bulky and doesn’t fit into the AMENITY of the area.
    The Density is Unacceptable. Council Planning must angers to the 1 bedroom per 50m2 for this area. Follow the City Plan Guidelines. Why do we have a City Plan, just to be complete ignored by Developers and by Council!
    The amount of car spaces is also inadequate. 10 Visitors parking for 80 Units. This is inadequate. 108 Car Spaces for 80 units. There should be a minimum of 160 car spaces. The area is already clogged with cars parked on the street. The Palm Beach Ave M1 On Ramp can not cope at the moment with the cars. Introducing these massive high density high rises will only add further strain to the ONLY M1 ON RAMP PALM BEACH RESIDENTS HAVE.
    We need deep planting and more communal open green space.
    Cr Cameron Caldwell has assured Palm Beach residents that Developers could no longer use the LIGHT RAIL as an excuse to build developments that were drastically outside City Plan Guidelines in Density and Setback.

  99. Laura commented

    I strongly object this development.
    It does not meet the density requirements set out in City Plan Guidelines.

    Car parking in this area is already a nightmare.

    Palm Beach State School is already struggling with the population growth in Palm Beach due to other large scale developments.

    The design of this building is out of character with other buildings in Palm Beach (with the exception of a few other eyesores that have already been built).

    Palm Beach residents have had enough of using the proposed light rail as an excuse to get these monstrosities approved.

    Does not meet council guidelines=Should not be approved. It should not have even got to the stage where residents would have to object this!

  100. Cynthia Webb commented

    Many people have already identified all the valid reasons why the proposed development at 2 Mawarra Street is totally unsuitable for the area, including me in a previous comment. That location is near to where I live and I know that the large building proposed, totally out of character, (even if Council is trying to create a new "Character" around here). Street parking in and around Mawarra Street is always congested already, during the day and at night. The north-going Gold Coast Highway is often backed up from Tallebudgera Drive, and the bridge, back to the corner of Mawarra Street, and sometimes further south!
    The precious school is challenged by student numbers, and there's a lot of coming and going of parents in the morning and afternoon in that area. WHY oh why would Council even consider allowing this additional stress to everybody around here? Are they ignorant of the situation, just sitting in the office looking at a plan? Are they ruthless and corrupt, saying yes to any crazy idea? Ignoring a perfectly sensible previous "PLAN" for Palm Beach, and turning it into a future area of rentals that will later on be "low-rental" (because of such huge numbers of apartments in large buildings). Palm Beach has always been a Family Residential Area and as such a nice part of Gold Coast. Council - your decisions are like vandalism to our home suburb. It's clear that you do not care about the residents here, the voters here, and are 'sacrificing Palm Beach' on the alter of Development at all costs for some reason you all have in mind, and I will not try to guess at. It's disgraceful.

  101. Dominique commented

    I strongly object to this development.
    10 times the size of what currently sits at 2 Mawarra st.
    The Gold Coast has been advised of the population growth and the need for housing, but this far exceeds the justification sort for a Perceived 10% increase in population growth.
    This is not a healthy or sustainable way to plan for our future. To many high density high rises, to soon, no one can see the gross impacts until its to late and ruined.
    The negative impact on our local streets, the Gold Coast Highway, the school this development will sit across from; not to mention the lack of support the schools in our area have received in the wake of the current influx of students from the many high rise, high density developments already built.
    Car parking is still not hitting required benchmarks for this development and many many others. This should be of major concern.
    The volume of this building is not in keeping with the character of the street, our suburb or the current amenity.

  102. Robert commented

    As a resident living next door I totally strongly object to this proposed development. 8 units to 80 units. 10 levels. A 800% increase on one block of land. Think about this please GCCC we have had enough

  103. Debbie commented

    Totally disagree with the proposed developments. Do the decision makers ever visit a site?? Mawarra St Palm Beach is a nightmare now without approving 80 units jammed on a site that currently houses 10. Mawarra St only allows traffic to exit GC Hwy northbound therefore many drivers attempt u-turns to find a way southbound. We've already witnessed two accidents recently. Imagine the traffic if 70 more units were in this tiny street!!! Not to mention the mayhem that is already the school drop off zones. This is already congested before the eyesore of Magnolia is finished or the new high rise newly.approved at 22nd Ave is.completed. This is madness for local traffic. Please take the time to visit the site but mind as you wont find a park anywhere. Take the 700 bus if you have a Go card.

  104. Jarrett commented

    This is over my back fence, we are now Jammed between this and magnolia. We are a single story complex on the southern side of an 8 story building. Good bye sun and grass. Can we just split the GCCC? No one south of Tally creek want any of this rubbish and we’re so sick of it.

  105. Jarrett commented

    This is over my back fence, we are now Jammed between this and magnolia. We are a single story complex on the southern side of an 8 story building. Good bye sun and grass. Can we just split the GCCC? No one south of Tally creek want any of this rubbish and we’re so sick of it.

  106. Neil Greensmith commented

    Absolutely disagree with proposed amendments. The overdeveloped in Palm Beach is in no way in the interests of current residents. You will lose my vote for sure

  107. Joanne Evans commented

    This proposal would have to be illehal if it is accepted. Not only is it against the character of the area, it will be directly across tge rd from Palm Beach Primrary School and thus causing safety concerns for children and parents at pick up and drop off times. Due to lack of car spaces that developers never include in their plans , such as Sunland did for the ghetto Magnoli.
    In addition LOCALS DO NOT WANT ANY MORE HIGH RISE. Especially in a residential LOW RISE area such as Brooke Ave, 23rd Ave and Mawarra St. It is NOT sustainable!!
    And what are the proposed setbacks? And greenery ? What about sustainability and the environment? I see you will be bulldozing mature trees which are used by pollinating bats, Rosellas , Butcher birds, magpies, galahs. No thought given whatsoever.
    It seems the greedy corrupt GCCC never listen to their constituents.
    The 9 story apartments to be built on 23rd Ave where the current shops are shoukd NOT be higher than existing residential blocks in the same area- 3 stories!! WHY DONT YOU GOVT OFFICIALS LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE !!!

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